1913 Golfing Events
leading up to the  U.S. Open

January 1913 Indoor golf continues its grip on Chicago as facilities both improve and expand.

January 1913 Worcester Golf Club, Worcester Massachusetts has purchased 210 acres to build what they are calling an 18 hole links of championship caliber. Members of the club have stated they hope to host the 1920 United States Golf Association Amateur championship.

January 1913 It appears certain that Harry Vardon, Edward Ray, James Braid and George Duncan will be in the United States at all major professional events this coming summer courtesy of the the sponsorship of Lord Northcliffe.

January 1913 announced, The French Open will be held at Chantilly October 13, and the French Amateur will be held at LaBoulie, Versailles July 3 etc

A vintage photo of golfer Edward Ray at Worcester CC during the 1927 Ryder Cup match.
Ted Ray at Worcester Ryder Cup match 1927

January 11, 1913 The United States Golf Association, during its annual meeting at Sherry's awarded the following tournaments and dates:
            - the 1913 U. S. Open Championship to The Country Club, Brookline Massachusetts June 4-5
            - the 1913 U. S. Amateur Championship to Garden City Golf Club, Garden City, New Jersey September 1-6
            - the 1913 U. S. Women's Championship to Wilmington Country Club, Wilmington, Delaware October 13-18

January 11, 1913 The United States Golf Association executive committee has accepted the French Golf Association challenge. It will select a team of four American Professionals to represent the United States at LaBoulie, France in June. This is the first formally arranged international golf match.

January 17, 1913 The Massachusetts Golf Association at its annual meeting agreed to have every club in its membership adopt the United States Golf Association's par system for handicap competitions. The association also admitted six new clubs to its membership roles including Hyannisport Golf Club of Hyannisport.

January 1913 The Royal and Ancient's has announced the following tournament courses and dates:
            - the 1913 Amateur Championship will be held at St. Andrews May 26, etc
            - the 1913 Ladies Championship will be held at St, Annes June 2, etc
            - the Open Championship at Hoylake June 19, etc 

January 1913 Both British and American newspapers continue to mention the probability of J. J. McDermott and other top American professional golfers taking part in this year's Open Championship at Hoylake as well as Harry Vardon and other top European Golfers taking part in the U. S. Open at Brookline.

January 1913 British writer Henry Leach tees off on American golfers.

January 18, 1913  The annual meeting of the Western Golf Association was held in Chicago at The Blackstone Hotel. (The Blackstone would become known as "The Hotel of Presidents"). Homewood Country Club of  Flossmoor in Bloom Township Illinois was awarded the 1913 Western Amateur Championship. 

The Memphis Country Club will host the Western Open in either October or November.

The Western Golf Association was also pleased to announce that in had achieved a gain for the year 1912 of $294.12

A drawing of the original golf course layout at Homewood Country Club.

January 1913 With the announcement of the 1913 U. S. Open Championship going to The Country Club, Brookline Massachusetts June 4-5, it has taken less than a month for grumbling of professional golfers through out the country to surface. As most golfing professional maintain club jobs, leaving to play in early June would not only cut into their best income period but would require permission from their employers as well.

February 1913 The United States Golf Association issues a consumer safety notice about golf balls.

February 1913 The United States Golf Association and The Country Club have agreed to change the date of the 1913 U. S. Open Championship to September 17-19. This change in dates virtually assures the that Harry Vardon, Edward Ray and George Duncan along with perhaps 2 or 3 other top European professionals will participate.

February 1913 The Massachusetts Golf Association has started a fund to send T. L. McNamara and M. J. Brady to Hoylake to compete in the 1913 Open Championship.

A vintage photo of golf course architect Thomas Bendalow.
Tom Bendalow


February 1913 Indoor golf continues its grip on Chicago, Tom Bendalow designs an indoor golf course for The Fair department store.

February 1913 Young golf professionals Dougherty and Byrne open an indoor golf school in Philadelphia. 

February 1913 George Duncan the British professional from Hanger Hill writes to The American Golfer "....it is just possible that I may be over for a week or two." Probably intends to play in the U. S. Open Championship at The Country Club, Brookline Massachusetts.

February 1913 Atlanta will soon have 4 golf courses with the upcoming completions of Druid Hill and Ansley Park.

February 1913 A. W. Tillinghast clashes with the Philadelphia Fairmount Park Commissioners

February 1913 The caddie master at Brae-Burn Country Club in Newton Massachusetts reported 421 rounds of golf played here in January.

February 1913 Professional Golfers everywhere are applauding the change in dates for the 1913 U. S. Open Championship to September. Many are saying the changes will result in the largest as well as the best field of golfers ever assembled.

February 1913 The final numbers are in and more than 180,000 rounds were played on the two golf courses at Jackson Park Chicago in 1912. Think about that 180,000 rounds of golf on 2 Chicago courses.

February 8, 1913 Mr. B. Warren Corkran  won this year's St. Valentine's Tournament at Pinehurst North Carolina. Mr. P. W. Whittemore of The Country Club in Brookline was medallist. 

February 7, 1913 Mr. Walter Travis won the Lake Worth Cup. The victory made Mr. Travis a repeat champion. He also shared low medallist honors with Mr. Walter Fairbanks.

February 14, 1913 Mr. J. R. Hyde won this year's South Florida Championship by defeating Mr. W. H. Stafford one up in the 36 hole final. Mr. Walter Travis was medallist with a score of 70.

A vintage photo of the putting green and clubhouse of the Havana CC.

February 22, 1913 Mr. Walter Travis won the First Invitation Tournament played ar the Country Club of Havana. Mr. Travis was also low qualifier in Cuba's first significant golf tournament.

The Country Club of Havana was built at a cost in excess of $150,000. The Donald Ross design 18 hole golf course will be considered the golfing jewel of the Caribbean for the next 50 years as it capitalized on every aspect of the magnificent climate and spectacular views the Bay of Mariano area had to offer.

February 1913 In spite of the United States Golf Association and The Country Club agreeing to change the date of the U. S. Open to September many British golfers are balking at attending after the catastrophe at Wheaton.

February 1913 Tom Bendelow has just complete laying out a new golf course at Mullet Lake Michigan and expects to be doing the same soon in Medicine Hat and Lethbridge Canada.

March 1913 American Golfer Magazine slams Massachusetts Golfers

March 1913 The United States Golf Association executive committee has named its team for the accepted French Golf Association challenge at LaBoulie, France in June. They are Aleck Smith (captain), J. J. McDermott ( 2 time US Open Champion ) Tom MacNamara and M. J. Brady. Gilbert Nichols and Aleck Campbell are 1st and 2nd alternates.

March 1913 The United States Golf Association has released its handicap list for 1913. J. D. Travers is the lone scratch player, Chick Evans is the lone 1 handicap. Other notables include F. Herreshoff at 2, J. G. Anderson and P.W. Whittemore at 3, F. Ouimet is deemed to be a 4, A. W. Tillinghast is a 5 and W. E. Schackelford is a 6.

March 1913 Garden City Golf Club, Garden City New Jersey has increased its membership to 350 and its annual dues from $40 to $100. This is a 150% dues increase. Extensive improvements to the club house and golf course are planned, including a state of the art watering system.

March 1913 Brae-Burn Country Club of West Newton Massachusetts showed a gain of $11,962.08 for 1912. The club continues to make improvements to it golf course and club house.

March 1913 Ex-President William Howard Taft, our first golfing president, has been elected to membership in the Racebrook Country Club of New Haven Connecticut.

March 1913 Construction has begun on the new Pine Valley Golf Club in Clementon New Jersey. It promises to be a course of significant merit.

March 1913 The new 18 hole public course at Marquette Park, Chicago will be opened this spring and will help to lessen the constant congestion at the Jackson Park golf courses.

March 1913 Under the United States Golf Association par rating system, The Country Club, host of the 1913 U. S. Open is a par 72.

A vintage photo of the Racebrook Golf Course at Yale.
The Racebrook Golf Course at Yale

March 8, 1913 Mr. B. W. Corkran won the 9th Annual Spring Tournament at Pinehurst. He had to defeat both Mr. W. C. Fownes Jr. and Mr. Walter Travis in route to his victory. Mr. Corkran was was also medallist for the tournament.

March 11, 1913 Mr. Henry Leach predicts that "International rivalry between British and American players, amateur and professional, will be a strong feature of the coming season...... I (also) believe now that it is practically certain that you will have Harry Vardon and Edward Ray with you in America next September, and a greater golfing treat you could never in your wildest moments wish for." Mr. Leach also stated that "There is no better amateur in the world today than British golfer Mr. Robert Harris."  Little did Mr. Leach know what Brookline would bring ..... 

March 12,1913 Mr. Walter Fairbanks of Denver Colorado won the Florida State Championship by defeating Mr. R. H. McElwee 3 and 2 in the 36 hole final. Mr. Fairbanks was also medallist with a score on March 7 of 71

March 27, 1913 Miss Lillian B. Hyde won the North and South Championship for Women by defeating Mrs. I. V. Hurd 4 and 2. Miss Hyde was also medallist.

March 1913 Bernard Nicholls was commissioned to design golf course near Lisbon, Portugal

March 1913 The American Golfer reports that most British Golf Journals refer to American golf as freakish and our golfers as half mad. Daudi Chwa the King of Uganda has referred to American golf as "goat golf."

March 1913 Essex County Park Commissioners have begun construction of a public 9 hole golf course in Newark New Jersey's Weequahic Park. The course was designed by George Low.

A photo of golfer Miss Lillian B. Hyde, North and South Women's Champion 1913.
Lillian B. Hyde
1913 North-South Women's Champion

April 5, 1913 Mr. H. J. Topping defeated Mr. H. K. Kerr 1 up on the 37th hole to win the North and South Amateur Championship. Mr. Walter J, Travis was medallist. Mr. Kerr beat Mr. Travis in the second round.

April 8, 1913 Alexander Pringle is issued a patent for the adjustable golf club.

April 1913 Scottish Golf Professional Andrew Kirlaldy's thoughts on American's competing in the British Amateur and Open Tournament's "They might just as well stop at home." 

April 1913 From The American Golfer "Massachusetts golfers may be a little behind the players of other districts when it comes to winning the big events in golf, in a National way."  ( What do you think Francis ? )

A vintage photo of  Boston Mayor Fitzgerald .
Boston Mayor Fitzgerald


April 1913 Boston Mayor Fitzgerald is making an effort to have the city fathers grant funds to the Franklin Park Golf Course which saw over 25,000 rounds in  1912. It is interesting to note that the mayor had a chance to play a round of golf this winter in Florida with Tom McNamara, M. J. Brady and U. S. Open champion J. J. McDermott.

April 1913 Boston professionals Tom McNamara and M. J. Brady finish 1st and 2nd in the North and South Open Championship at Pinehurst.

April 13, 1913  Mr. J. Neville won the Northern California Golf Championship by defeating Mr. F. Kales 2 and 1 in the final match.

April 1913 Harry Vardon and Edward Ray will make their first American appearance at Shawnee in the Open Tournament for August 22 - 23. They will join the leading American pros in the battle for the tournament's usual big purse. This year they expect not to have a caddie problems as there will be a regiment of Boy Scouts camping close to the course.

April 1913 Stanton Heights Golf Club loses its battle for Sunday golf.

April 1913 "Chick" Evans has added the Western Indoor Golfing Championship to his list of victories by defeating Mr. Warren K. Wood 3 and 2 at O'Neil's Indoor Golf School in Chicago.

A photo of the golfing clubhouse of the Omaha Field Club.
Omaha Field Club


April 1913 Milwaukee golfers are petitioning for an adequate municipal golf course. The Lake Park course is too small.

April 1913 The Nebraska State Golfers Association will hold their State Championship July 16 -19 at the Omaha Field Club. 

April 1913 Des Moines slides back in its public golf course leadership, city withdraws its support for public park golf courses.

April 1913 The dates of the Kansas State Championship have been changed to June 10 -13. It is still being played at Hutchinson Country Club.

April 1913 J. J. McDermott, the current U. S. Open champion won the East Coast Open played at Ormond by a wide margin. McDermott's second round was a course record 68. 

May 1913 Henry Leach reports for Hoylake that interest in this year's Open Championship is quite high due to the anticipated strong field of American and French players planning entry.

May 1913 The Women's Metropolitan Golf Association has released its handicap list, Mrs. V. M. Earle and Miss Lillian B. Hyde are both scratch.

A vintgae photo of the Massachusetts State House on Beacon Hill in Boston.
The Massachusetts legislature


May 1913 The Massachusetts legislature has introduced a bill prohibiting the manufacture, sale or use of any golf ball containing acid, gas, fluid or any other substance they may cause bodily injury.

May 1913 The Country Club, Brookline Massachusetts continues full speed ahead with its improvements and alterations for the upcoming international event viz., the U. S. Open Championship in September.

May 1913  Members of the Stanton Heights Golf Club has lost its battle to gain Sunday golf. 

May 1913 The Pennsylvania State Championship is scheduled to be held July 9 - 12, the golf course is yet to be determined.

May 1913 The Western Pennsylvania Amateur Championship will be held at Allegheny Country Club October 2 - 4, it will be preceded on October 1 by the Western Pennsylvania Open Championship.

May 1913 Mr. William C. Fownes Jr. has been made a plus 2 handicap.

May 1913 Alfred Boggs, professional at Loseantiville Country Club in Loseantiville Ohio has put together an Open Tournament for the fall, in which Harry Vardon Edward Ray and possibly George Duncan will participate. Entry is open to any United States professional.

May 1913 The California Golf Association has "practically decided" that the winner of the fall tournament will be given the title of state champion.

May 1913 The Grand Forks Golf Club of North Dakota, which plays on a public course, is selling season passes for $10.00. All proceeds are turned over to the park board for upkeep of the golf course.

May 1913 The Minnesota State Golf Association will hold their  amateur golf championship at the Interlachen Club of Minneapolis the week of August 4.

May 1913 The Western Open at the Memphis Country Club will be held October 16 and 17 . It is hoped they can attract British greats Harry Vardon and Edward ray.

May 1913 The Colorado State Championship will be held August 28 to 30 at the Lakewood Country Club.

May 1913 The Missouri State Golf Association will hold their 9th Annual amateur golf championship at the Springfield Country Club June 2 - 5.

A vintage photo of the Memphis Country Club home of the 1913 Western Open Golf Tournament.
Memphis Country Club

May 1913 Des Moines ( the 1911 golf capital of America ) golfers after a hard fight are assured of free golf links. The city council has voted to direct the legal department to draw up contracts with successful bidders for the maintenance of the golf courses at Grand View and Waveland Parks.

May 1913 The Royal and Ancient Club has recruited more than 200 volunteers to serve as guards for the Old Course during the upcoming Amateur and has taken out insurance against damage to their greens by Britain's militant suffragette movement

May 1913 Henry Leach for American Golfer forecasts the 1913 tournament season to be one "of international rivalry of one kind and another we are promised a side show in the shape of a civil war with the world looking on."

May 14, 1913 Mrs. R. H. Barlow won the Women's Golf Association Championship at Huntingdon Valley Golf Course winning her final match 5 and 3 over Miss E. Nobitt

May 17, 1913 Mr. Fred Herreshoff defeats Mr. Gardiner White on the 20th hole to win the Bayside Invitation Tournament. Mr. Walter Travis was low medallist.

May 17, 1913 Scranton Country Club, Scranton Pennsylvania changes its by-laws to permit golfing on the course Sunday afternoons.

May 17, 1913 Mr. S. K. Sterne wins the coveted Country Club Cup by defeating F. Ouimet 2 and 1 in the 18 hole final.

May 20, 1913 Former British Amateur Championship Mr. Harold Hilton offered this to Britain's Golf Illustrated; "Of the American invasion (of golfers) I candidly think that we need not have much fear ........."

May 24, 1913 An optimistic U. S. Open Champion J. J. McDermott set sail for the Great Britain today in his quest for the British Open Championship.

May 24, 1913 Mr. George V. Rotan repeated as Texas State Champion defeating Mr. Louis Jacoby at Houston Country Club.

May 24, 1913 Mr. Jerome D. Travers won his 3rd consecutive Metropolitan Amateur Championship and his 5th overall. Mr. Travers was also low medallist.

May 30, 1913 Starter McGinnis at the Jackson Park Golf Courses in Chicago reported the distribution of 1800 tickets. For those that have trouble with "only 7 minutes" between tee times consider this, based on 14 hours of available tee time (which leaves about 55 minutes to play 9 holes)  and the assumption he sent groups off the 1st & 10th tees on the 18 hole course and only the 1st tee on the 9 hole course, that is a foursome teeing off every 5.6 minutes. (Wonder how most of the players felt about slow play?)

May 31, 1913  Mr. Harold Hilton wins his 4th British Amateur Championship at St. Andrews. In doing so he defeated Heinrich Schmidt, the young Massachusetts Amateur Championship on the 19th hole of the quarter final round. Once again the golf Gods favor Mr. Hilton with the disqualifying of tournament favorite the Honorable Michael Scott.

May 31, 1913 Mr. Walter Travis won the Invitational at the Tuxedo Golf Club. Mr. Jerome Travers was low medallist

June 1913 Boston Globe golf reporter Mr. Ralph Cracknell passed away in June. He was a leading authority of Massachusetts golf and took an active part in the handicapping system of the Massachusetts Golf Association.

June 7, 1913 Mr. Jerome Travers won New Jersey State Championship defeating Mr. Oswald Kirby in the 36 hole final. Mr. Travers was also medallist for the tournament.

June 7, 1913 Miss Murial Dodd defeats Miss E. Chubb 8 and 6 in the final to win the British Ladies Amateur Championship at the Lytham and St. Anne's Club. It is interesting to note there one American entry, Miss V. Pooley. ( Miss Dodd would later in the year win the Canadian Ladies for a rare "double") Miss Dodd in 1923 would be one of only two players to ever defeat Miss Joyce Wethered in British National Championship Play.

June 14, 1913 Mrs. R. H. Barlow ran away with the Women's Eastern Championship at Brae-Burn Country Club in West Newton Massachusetts. Mrs. Barlow has been deemed a plus 1 handicap.

June 21, 1913 Mr. Stuart G. Stickney won the Trans-Mississippi Golf Association Championship at Glen Echo Country Club in St. Louis Missouri. A record 179 players attempted to qualify.

June 21, 1913 Mr. Francis Ouimet handily defeated Mr. F. H. Hoyt 10 and 9 in the 36 hole final to win the Massachusetts Amateur Championship at Wollaston Golf Club. Mr. P. W. Whittmore was low medallist. Worcester golfers are quick to point that their Mr. Heinrich Schmidt, the 1912 Massachusetts Amateur Champion was in Europe at the time of this year's tournament. 

June 12, 1913 Fire destroyed the beautiful club house of the Pittsburgh Country Club causing an estimated $350,000 in damages, No one was injured. Unfortunately the buildings were under insured at an approximate value if $178,000

The fire occurred during the Annual Children's Day at the club. The women in charge with the help of the band playing a hardy marching tune were able to quickly get the children down the lawn to safety without incident.

A vintage photo of the former Pittsburgh Country Club.
Former Pittsburgh
 Country Club Clubhouse

June 1913 Gilbert Nicholls, the professional at Wilmington Country Club  is convalescing from an attack of typhoid fever. He is well on road to recovery.  Nicholls, the 1911 North-South Open Champion and 1911 Metropolitan Open Champion fully expects to be in Brookline in September.

June 1913 Mr. C. B. Buxton won the Allegheny 19th Annual Invitational by defeating Mr. J. B. Crookston in the final round 4 and 2. Mr. W. C. Fownes Jr. was medallist.

June 1913 The annual match between the northwest Canadian and American golfers, played at Victoria Golf Club, was won by the Canadians 7 to 1. Mr. Edward Hughes of Spokane Country Club was the only American to win a point. 

June 1913 Jim Barnes won the Pacific Northwest Golf Association Open Championship and established a new course record at the Victoria Golf Club.

A vintage photo of the magnificent Montgomery Country Club in Montgomery Alabama


June 1913 Mr. Nelson Whitney has once again won the Southern Championship by defeating Mr. G. N. Aldredge at magnificent Montgomery Country Club. The victory makes Mr. Whitney the tournament's first 3 time winner. 180 players participated in the qualifying round.

June 24, 1913 J. H. Taylor won his 5th British Open Championship at Hoylake after qualifying last in the field. This ties him with Baird and Vardon with 5 Open victories each. it also means that he will receive on offer from Lord Northcliffe for sponsorship in the U. S. Open to be played at Brookline in September. There were 3 days of qualifying and 2 days of tournament play. As there is no golf permitted in Hoylake on Sunday all players had a chance to relax before tournament play began. The tournament plagued by slow play with one round taking the outrageous time of 3 hours and 10 minutes ! Also J. J. McDermott became the first American to finish in the money with his fifth place tie yielding 7 pounds. 

June 30, 1913 La Boulie in Versailles- The French team of Jean Gassiat, Louis Tellier, Arnaud Massy and Etienne Laffitte won all the their matches in the first formal International Golf Matches which were played against the four US players : John McDermott (twice winner of the US Open in 1911 and 1912), Mike Brady, Alex Smith and Tom McNamara. 

June 1913 Lord Northcliffe is financing  the trip of Harry Vardon and Edward Ray to America.  British Open Championship winner J. H. Taylor working in America will compete at Brookline in September as well.

July 4, 1913 The Golf Gods Abandon H. H. Hilton as he goes down during the first round of the French Amateur losing to an American no less from New York, Mr. John N. Stearns.

July 5, 1913 Lord Charles Hope won the French Amateur Championship on the course of Societe de Golf de Paris at La Boulie in Versailles. There were 7 American players including Mr. Heinrich Schmidt. Lord Hope defeated Mr. E. A. Lassen 1 up on the 37th hole of their outstanding final match. Mr. Lassen is a former British Amateur Champion winning at St. Andrews in 1908. 

A photo of the 1913 French Amateur Golfing Champion Lord Charles Hope
Lord Charles Hope

July 1913 Boston professional Tom MacNamara, on his return from Hoylake, remarked that Vardon and Ray are not coming to America for holiday, they are coming to Brookline to win the US Open. Tom was also enthusiastic over the French golfers planning to participate.

July 1913 Mr. John G. Anderson and Mr. Francis Ouimet, both golfers from the Boston district have decided to forego the U. S. Open at Brookline and play the U. S. Amateur in Garden City. For business reasons they feels they can only be away from their jobs for one of the tournaments.


July 12, 1913 Mr. W. C. Fownes Jr. defeats Mr. H. B. McFarland 3 and 1 in the finals to win the Pennsylvania Amateur Championship. Mr. Fownes was also medallist.

July 12, 1913 The 13th Iowa Golf Association Championship was won by Mr. Roland Harrison. Mr. Harrison had to defeat two past champions in  route to victory, including Mr. Ralph Rider in the final round

July 19, 1913 Mr. Fred Herreshoff defeated Mr. H. K. Kerr 3 and 2 in the 36 hole final to win The Taconic Cup at the Ekwanok Country Club in Manchester Vermont.  Dr. C. H. Gardner of Agawam Golf Club in Rhode Island was medallist.

July 1913 While visiting New England Mr. Walter J. Travis set course records at Mt. Tom Golf Club, Holyoke Massachusetts, Springfield Country Club in Springfield Massachusetts,  Hartford Golf Club in Hartford Connecticut  and Farmington Country Club in Farmington Connecticut. Impressive indeed..

July 16, 1913 Immediately after his return from Europe J. J. McDermott wins the Philadelphia Open Championship by 3 strokes over the field.

July 26, 1913 Mr. Warren K. Wood won the Western Amateur Championship defeating Mr. Edward P Allis III 4 and 3 in the final. To get to the final Mr. Allis had to beat 1912 winner Mr. Chick Evans and 1909 National Amateur champion Mr. Robert A. Gardner in successive matches.

A vintage photo of Miss Ernestine Pearce, 1913 Chicago Women's Golfing Champion.
Miss Ernestine Pearce
1913  Chicago Women's Champion


July 1913 President Woodrow Wilson has reportedly has been keeping his golf game in shape playing in Woodstock, New Hampshire. In the meantime ex-President Taft has been observed spending some golfing time at  the Myopia Hunt Club in Hamilton Massachusetts. 

July 1913 Mr. Max H. Behr won his club championship at Morris County Country Club New Jersey. 

July 1913 The improvements and additions to the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club have been completed at a cost of roughly $62,000. Shinnecock is one of the oldest golf clubs in the country being incorporated in 1891. 

July 1913 Donald Ross has complete his 18 hole lay out of a new golf course for the Siwanoy Country Club in Mount Vernon New York. In his opinion it will be one of the best in the Metropolitan area.

August 1, 1913 Miss Ernestine Pearce won the Chicago Women's Championship at  Skokie Country Club defeating Mrs. J. G. Latimer in the final round 5 and 3. Skokie original design was by Tom Bendelow.

August 1913 The United States Senate has formed its own golf club, ( now we know when it started ! ). Vice-President of the United States Thomas Marshall was named Honorary President.

August 1913 Vancouver professional Alex Duthie made back to back hole in ones on holes 3 and 4 at the Vancouver Golf Links.

August 1913 The list of foreign invaders coming to win the Open in Brookline continues to grow as Britain's Abe Mitchell and Wilfred Reid along with France's Louis Tellier and Arnaud Massy announced their plans.

August 9, 1913 Mr. R. P. Cavanagh won the Wisconsin State Championship at Kenosha Country Club defeating Mr. J. R. Anderson on the final round 5 and 3. Mr. Cavanagh was also medallist.

August 9, 1913 Mr. B. Warren Corkran won the First President's Cup at the Ekwanok Country Club in Manchester Vermont defeating Mr. A G. McIlwaine 10 and 8 in the 36 hole final. Mr. Corkran was also medallist.

August 9, 1913 Mr. Harry G. Legg won his 6th consecutive and 7th all time Minnesota State Amateur Golfing Championship at Interlachen Country Club.

Interlachen would become famous in 1930. It is the year in which Robert T. Jones Jr. completed his (and the only single season) "grand slam" of golf and won the United States Golf Association Open at Interlachen with a score of 287. That same year, Bobby Jones also triumphed in the British Amateur, British Open and the  United States Golf Association Amateur. 

The golf course has been worked on by many famous golf architect's including Donald Ross and Robert Trent Jones.

Site of the famous lily pad shot

August 12, 1913 David Foulis is granted a patent on his Golf Flag Support system.

August 13-14, 1913 Alec Smith won his 4th Metropolitan Open Championship by one stroke of Tom McNamara of Boston and 3 strokes of 1912 U. S. Open Champion J. J. McDermott. This year's field was most impressive as the world's golfers seem to be preparing for the Open in Brookline.

August 15, 1913 Harry Vardon and Edward Ray arrive in New York at 9 pm on board the Celtic

August 16, 1913 For the tenth time in twelve years Mr. L. A. Hamilton won the Bretton Woods Championship. Mr. Chisholm Beach was medallist.

August 22-23, 1913 J. J. McDermott rumps to an 8 stroke victory over the field, which included Harry Vardon and Edward Ray , to win the Shawnee Open. He also established a new Shawnee course record in the process. McDermott's strong performance gives encouragement to thought that the Open Trophy will stay in America after Brookline.

August 1913 Due to the flood of entries, The United States Golf Association has found it necessary to hold qualifying rounds on September 16 and 17. The thirty two lowest scores from each day will move on to tournament play. Entries are to close on September 9.

August 1913 It seems Mr. Heinrich Schmidt made dual impressions during his European golf adventures, one for his good play, the other for his painstaking slow play.

August 1913 The American Golfer "..the coming championship on the Brookline course is pretty certain to be far and away the most important golf tournament yet held on this side of the Atlantic."

August 1913 The Country Club has over 200 willing golfers to serve as marshals and flag men during the upcoming open in September. Open preparations going smoothly

August 1913 The American Golfer has learned that their will be a contingent of British Golf reporters in Brookline for the upcoming United States Open including Bernard Darwin.

August 1913 Reported in The American Golfer; "At Atlanta there are three youngsters who have to be watched in a year or two. They are Perry Adair, Bob Jones Jr., and Frank Meador."

September 1913 The Country Club is described as "A perfect network of traps and hazards of all types."

September 6, Mr. J. P. Guilford won the New Hampshire State Championship. He defeated Mr. J. A. Batchelder on the 2nd hole of sudden death in the final round at the Abenaqui Club.

September 6, 1913 Mr. Jerome D. Travers won his 4th U. S. Amateur title in the last 7 years defeating Mr. John G. Anderson 5 and 4 in the 36 hole final. Mr. Travers had defeated Mr. Fred Herreshoff in the semi-final the day prior. 

September 9, 1913 United States Golf Association comes up one man short for a complete field of US Open qualifiers. They are searching the Boston area for a suitable player.

September 1913 The Western Golf Association has announced its purse for the Western Open to be held at Memphis Country Club October 16 and 17. At $750.00 it is very likely Harry Vardon and Edward Ray will attend.

September 1913 Mr. J. H. Slater won the annual White Mountain Championship played at Waumbek in Jefferson New Hampshire.

September 1913 " A natural golfing field" is the way Donald Ross described the land purchased by the Shaker Heights Country Club of Cleveland.

September 1913 Mr. George W. Adair won the Atlanta Athletic Club Championship by defeating Mr. R. G. Blanton 5 and 4 in the 36 hole final. His 15 year old son Perry Adair won the second flight with ease.

September 1913 Denver Colorado opens its first municipal golf course. Its a 9 hole course built on 65 acres. Mr. E. F. Large was low medallist opening day with an even 90.

September 12, 1913 Mr. J. F. Neville won the California State Championship at Del Monte defeating Mr. E. S. Armstrong 5 and 4 in the 36 hole final. Mr. Armstrong was medallist.

A vintage ad for the Waumbek Cottages and Golf Resort

September 12, 1913 Mr. Francis Ouimet, Massachusetts Amateur Champion to fill out US Open field for qualification rounds.

September 12, 1913 Mr. Howard W. Perrin won his third Philadelphia Cup giving him permanent possession of the trophy.

September 12, 1913 President Woodrow Wilson plays a round of golf with Dr. Grayson at the Dartmouth Links in Hanover NH

September 12, 1913 Experts predict in will take a score of 4 strokes below 300 to win at The Country Club. Vardon is the favorite although Ray has been playing phenomenally  in his practice rounds here. Jerome Travers and Fred Herreshoff are expected to put in the best showing among the amateurs. Crowds of up to 5000 people are expected each day.

September 13, 1913 Western players will be arriving in Boston on the 16th and will try the links at The Country Club. Reports are that the course is in excellent condition.

September 13, 1913 With 164 entries, the 1913 Open has the largest field ever assembled for a National Championship. Also of note there are 4 foreign countries being represented making it a true tournament of international importance, England, France, Canada and Mexico.

September 13, 1913 The United States Golf Association has announced the qualifying process. 84 players will play 36 holes on Tuesday and 84 the same on Wednesday. The best 32 scores and ties each day will continue on to tournament play.

September 14, 1913 Alec Smith has arrived in Brookline, he has been playing brilliantly in is recent tournaments in preparation for the US Open.

September 15, 1913 Rumor has it Vardon, Ray, Alec Smith and George Low will have an impromptu match on the final day of practice before US Open qualifying starts on the 16th. 

September 15, 1913 At US Open practice J. J. McDermott fires a 73 at the Brookline course and seems to be ready to defend is back to back US Open titles with yet another.

1913 Golfing Events Photo Gallery

September 16 - 21, 1913 The United States Open Golf Tournament

September 16, 1913 US Open Tuesday Qualifier

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