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Golf Equipment

"It was the custom of the 1920's to give every different-type club or new version of existing shapes close scrutiny because one never knew where the miracle club was going to be found."  Robert Ganem


In line with our philosophy of keeping golf simple, when we talk of golf equipment we talk of  golf balls and golf clubs. Now golf clubs can get  unnecessarily complex so we limit our discussion of clubs to "golf club heads , golf club shafts, golf club grips and their construction." 

A light hearted look at the history of the Golf Ball

The Alexander Pringle Two Way Adjustable All-in-One Golf Club

My experience golf ball testing

Logo golf ball photo gallery

Golf's 1st Metal Driver

The Schenectady Putter

The Sand Wedge

The First Modern Golf Tee

The Reddy Tee

Vintage Golf Ball Advertisements

Vintage MacGregor Golf Club Advertisements

Steel Shafted Golf Clubs

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