British Golf writer Henry Leach tees off on American golfers.



A photo of British Golf writer Henry Leach.


American Golfer January 1913 

" As to that much-argued question, the relative merits of British and American players, I am sure that we are appreciably better than their best, and I believe we shall always be so because the Americans have to play the game under inferior conditions and such as hardly permit of their developing the finer shades of skill. The Americans play a rather plainer game than we do, The country may and probably will produce an occasional golfing phenomenon, and it may win our Championship again, but it will never be really superior to us at golf."

Is it really any wonder that the 1913 US Open turned into the event that it did. The English golfing press as you see from reading the above was relentless in their condemnation of  American golf and American Golfers. At this stage Walter Travis is still a cheating freak show with that putter of his, and the only golfers in America worth considering are those born in England or Scotland who moved here to make a few pounds off the "Yanks". And this J. J. McDermott winning two United States Opens back to back well that is clearly a fluke indeed. Can't you just hear Leach saying  " Well look at the field he was competing against, not a golfer of merit in sight. We'll see how you American chaps fair this year with Taylor, Vardon and Ray in the mix.....

And people ask why Francis and Eddie wore American flag ribbons on their lapels the day of the playoff ?

To learn more about Henry Leach and his thoughts on American golf, continue your search here......



1913 US Open

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