Hole 4- Golf  Etiquette


"I believe if society in general conducted itself the way we golfers do, 
this would be a much better world."...Ray Floyd, hmmmm

This particular "golf hole" has been designed and laid out specifically for the purpose of communicating not how to play the game of golf  but instead, how a polite game of golf is played. Before we get to the tee sort of speak we'd like to quote the Horace Hutchinson (1896) to help communicate our basic philosophy.... "If your adversary is badly bunkered, there is no rule against your standing over him counting his strokes aloud, with increasing gusto as their number mounts up: but it will be a wise precaution to arm yourself with the niblick before doing so , so as to meet him on equal terms."

Now does anyone wonder why the United States Golf Association introduced the Breach of Etiquette rule 33-7 ? 



The origin of the word Etiquette

ETIQUETTE: a ticket 
In 16th-century French etiquette meant a ticket or label. As a matter of fact we get our word ticket from this. Also buying things on tick. The first rules of etiquette were tacked up in conspicuous places in the army posts. The list gave the rules of the day. The Old French word was estiquette, from estiquer, "to stick." The rules were "stuck" up on the walls. Perhaps we could say that etiquette is a "ticket" to polite society.

Golf Etiquette is our "ticket" to an enjoyable round of golf. With that understood it becomes easy to understand that the key to golf etiquette is not necessarily learning a specific set of behaviors, but instead your attitude toward the behaviors. Now with that said , "It is your honor"


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