Hole 5- The Golf Course Architect 



"A great golf course both frees and challenges a golfer's mind." Tom Watson

The Golf course architect, the manifestation of the devil himself. Who else would or could hide such torture and torment in the beauty of this place. Its rolling green fairways luring the golfer along, its flower lined paths breeding such melancholy. That peaceful pond drawing trance like stares just before it becomes a watery grave to the happy golfer's round, inducing a fit of rage and thunder as the mis-hit golf ball finds its way to the waters bottom.

With name's such the "Devil's Triangle" at Mahogany Run, "Amen Corner" at Augusta National, "The Cauldron" at The Banff Springs, Pine Valley's "Hell's 1/2 acre" clearly you see the connection. Not convinced then try the  Royal St. George's "The Hades Bunker !" from which many golfers never recover.

Now how does the golfer protect himself during this battle for his golfing soul ? Does he give up golfing ? That is a foolish thought not worth consideration ! Perhaps he should yield and be content with a miracle golf shot every now then or perhaps a par or two will keep you coming back, but will it help with the torment of knowing the devil has the controlling hand when it comes to golfing matters. Of course you can always visit your local golf professional and receive some proper instruction on using the weapons of mass frustration, and then enter battle with a solid golf swing, a smooth and delicate putting stroke and the best golf equipment available for your game. Guess what, you've only raised the ante' ,the devil still wins !

No, the only chance you have in dealing with the golf course architect is to get inside his head. Play golf course architect.  Learn what he was thinking and why. Study the course you play and then study some more. Then once you see the golf architect's battle plan, once you understand the fiendish thinking behind the placement of that bunker or the slope of that putting surface, then you laugh aloud at Preswick's "Purgatory" or "Cardinal" and dream of the chance to play the Old Course's "Valley of Sin".

Should you decide you want to take up this challenge we have some selected titles to help you get started.

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