Des Moines slides back in its public golf course leadership, 
city withdraws its support for public park golf courses.

The American Golfer May 1913
Des Moines, which always has been held up as the model city as far as public golf courses are concerned, has backslidden. After a most bitter fight the city council voted to withdraw its support and lease the park courses to clubs. A proviso was made that the club members could use the courses and have the right to sell season tickets to individual players, not club members, at a rate not to exceed $3 per year. Various propositions were made and rejected. The action of the city fathers did not please the golfers and the fight still is on with the chance that a compromise may be reached. Bids have been received, one for the Grand View course of $1,000 and the other for Waveland course of $2,300. For these amounts the bidders agree to keep the courses in shape. Some of the councilmen are opposed to appropriating a single cent
( these same councilmen I am sure had trouble getting the ball air borne ) but it is hoped a majority will favor the plan of having the courses maintained by the private bidders. The golfers believe they are entitled to as much attention as the animals at the zoo, or the floral exhibits or picnic parties, all of which are free.

A photo of Des  Moines City Hall

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