Stanton Heights Golf Club has lost their fight to gain Sunday golf. 

The American Golfer May 1913 

Members of the Stanton Heights Golf Club have lost their fight to gain Sunday golf. The defeat was brought about through the objections of some of the most prominent ministers of Pittsburgh. The influences which they brought to bear upon the owners of the property upon which the course is located were very effective, and the excellent chances which the members had planned for Sunday golf went glimmering when the ministers started their campaign. The first nine holes of the Stanton Heights course is situated upon the Allerton property, while the remainder is controlled by the Schenley estate. When Attorney Richard C. Long, one of the prominent members of the club, and chairman of the committee, which had the matter of Sunday golf in hand, took up the proposition with persons controlling the Allerton property, he received much encouragement. The sentiment of the members of the club was asked and the committee was given the impression that if a majority of the members favored Sunday golf the action would be given a favorable consideration by the owners of the property. In order to secure the sentiment of the members, it was decided to take a mail vote upon the proposition. A letter was sent to each member in which the situation was explained clearly, and a ballot enclosed which the recipient was requested to return. Out of a total membership of 240, some 167 ballots were received in response to the communications. Later a meeting of the club was held and after the votes were counted it was discovered that over 67 per cent, of the members who voted, favored Sunday golf. Some of the most active members were among those who favored indulgence in the game on Sunday. However, despite the sentiment of the majority of the club members, a communication was received from the owners of the Allerton estate in which they announced they would not permit Sunday golf playing, because prominent members of the ministry of the East End had exerted their efforts in the agitation to restrain the playing of golf in the exclusive residential section.

The addition on right of the Croghan-Schenley Mansion 
served as the clubhouse for the Stanton Heights Golf Club


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