The Golf Gods Abandon H. H. Hilton

When the Golf Gods favor you, there is never a doubt, when they don't favor you........

Harold H. Hilton British Amateur Champion.

  The American Golfer, August 1913

The first match of the first round was between Mr. Hilton and Mr. John N. Stearns, 2d, of the Nassau Country Club, and a very extraordinary game it was. Mr. Hilton won the first two holes, but he played the short downhill downhill third, where the green lies far below the teeing ground, very badly and lost it, and although he halved the next he zigzagged across the course from rough to rough in doing it. Mr. Hilton was not playing the true Hilton game by any means ; only a shadowy representation of it. His driving was wayward and his putting was better for his opponent than for himself. 

He is a golfer of splendid temperament, but he was fretting a little at the slowness of the match. On the other hand, the American, while rarely brilliant, displayed a fine capacity for making up for previous losses in the neighborhood of the green. Yet the Englishman was 2 up at the turn. In the last half, however, he fairly let his hold on his opponent slip. There are not so many bunkers at La Boulie as at most courses where championships are played, but Mr. Hilton encountered some of them that he should not have done, and the slow, thought-ful game of the young man from New York paved the way to a hard victory established on the green in the valley at the seventeenth hole.


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1913 US Open

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