Hole7-Range Rat

The classic range rat can be spotted by a few very clear "markings" if you will.  Some of the more obvious are;

  • he or she usually has as many training aids in their golf bag as they do clubs, and be assured that the number of golf clubs they carry exceeds the 14 allowed on the golf course
  • has purchased more golf instruction books at the local pro shop than she has golf balls
  • is always testing new clubs trying to find the "right set"
  • owns golf ball shag bags of every color and configuration
  • is capable of hitting a barrel from 150 yards but is unable to hit a 120 yard par 3 green in regulation if it requires carrying water
  • can hit a 10 yard corridor on the range 15 times in a row but will find OB off the first tee regardless of what side of the fairway it is on or how wide the fairway corridor.

    Training aids often include but are not limited to


St. Andrews Golf Range as Dusk.

The range rat will be the first to tell you that stepping onto the 1st tee is like stepping through "The Gates of Hell". To the range rat the 1st fairway landing area is about the size of a postage stamp and the group behind always has an asshole with a bull horn.


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