The Golf Professional

"I got tired of working for a living and turned pro." 
Julius Boros  US Open Champion 1952, 1963 PGA Champion 1968

There are not many more precarious positions to to be then to be a teaching golf professional at a private club. Maintaining that balance. (Can you imagine the position golf professional HARRY PEZZULLO was in ?) On one hand these people are your customers, buying golf balls, golf clubs, golf shoes and the like, as well as paying your base salary making them your employer as well. Just to stir a few more spices into to the stew many are are golfing students as well. All this combined with trying to work and live by the PGA creed leads to the great diplomatic state known as "things best left un-said". 

Well we hear at The Golf Ball Factory are not golf club professionals and most certainly not trained in the art of diplomacy therefore are not  "things best left un-said" savvy. We are however lover's of the golfing game, friendly with other lover's of the game, both amateur and professional, and have heard more than we should. This lead us to thinking that maybe some of the best golf lessons and tips are those never given because of the golf pro's need for diplomacy. This lead to the idea of "The Pointed Pro" which is to provide a venue for golf professional's to give the lessons and tips that on the lesson tee are "best left un-said". 

Anyway if you're not thin skinned and are willing to play the ball as it lies...........


Golf Lesson #1

Golf Lesson #2

Golf Lesson #3

Golf Lesson #4

Golf Lesson #5

Golf Lesson #6

Golf Lesson #7-The Golf Grip

Golf Instruction  1862


The perfect golf swing.


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