1913 U.S. Amateur Championship

2nd Round Match Jerome Travers v Francis Ouimet 

"I have scarcely ever seen a match between two amateurs in which the play went on hole after hole with so few mistakes and so many brilliant shots; there were, too, so many deadly thrusts by one party, met with such unwavering parries by the other, and neither man ever 'cracked' or even weakened." Bernard Darwin

Mr. Travers's ball on sixth green in three. Mr. Ouimet's ball rolling down to the green just after playing a run-up for his third shot

Who's away? An incident of the match on the eleventh green of the 1913 US Amateur 2nd round.

Mr. Ouimet playing a chip shot to the twelfth green.
The Ball has just been struck.

Mr. Travers playing driving-iron to eleventh green.
 White streak at left is the ball

1913 US Amateur Contestant Badge

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