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The  Golf Tournament 

It's all about the hardware.

The Golf Tournament

Every golf tournament makes history. A winner is recorded and a victory celebrated. 
Some may be remembered until next week, others for all of time.

To many "The Tournament"  is the essence of golf, and those that have played golf in any kind of 'serious" tournament at any level are either among that group or understand that group making it imperative that even those with a passing interest in golf, have a basic knowledge of golf tournaments. In this section tournaments will be covered in two ways, first we will offer a brief history of the "world class" tournaments that all golfers should have some basic knowledge of, and secondly will we provide some entry level knowledge of tournaments that are commonly played at the "club" level.

World Class Tournaments

Club Level Tournaments

Idlewild CC Major Golf Tournament preparation...1912 style

A Brief History of Olympic Golf

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