"The rest of the field"

Francis Ouimet defeating Harry Vardon and Ted Ray in an 18 hole playoff to win the 1913 U.S. Open has always been a huge story as it should be. After all Vardon and Ray were the top 2 golfers in the world at the time. 

However what should not be overlooked is the rest of the field. Many will take some of these tournaments lightly, but before doing so consider that for many years the U.S. Amateur was considered the major U.S. tournament. Also it is important to remember that travel was not convenient so State Opens and amateurs brought high levels of competition, regional tournaments like the Metropolitan Open drew very competitive fields. 

Keep on mind also the Western Open well as the North-South were majors. With this in mind let's take a look at few other players from the 1913 U.S. Open.......

A vintage photo of golfer MacDonald Smith.
MacDonald Smith 
1912 Western Open Champion
 1914 Metropolitan Open Champion
24 PGA Tour wins 

A vintage photo of golfer Louis Tellier.
Louis Tellier
One of the top four golfers in France, one of the four French "mousqueleirs"  

A vintage photo of golfing legend Wlter Hagen.
Walter Hagen 
1914 U.S. Open Champion
  44 PGA Tour wins including 
11 Majors

  A vintage photo of golfer JH Barnes
J.H. Barnes

14 Western Open Champion 
1916,1919 PGA Champion

1917 North-South Champion
1917 Western Open Champion
1919 Western Open Champion 
1921 U.S. Open Champion

1925 British Open Champion
20 PGA Tour wins


A vintage photo of golfing great  JJ McDermott.

J.J. McDermott 
1911 U.S. Open Champion
1912 U.S. Open

A vintage photo of golfer Herbert Strong.
Herbert Strong
former professional of the 
  Royal St. George's Club, Sandwich

  A vintage photo of golfer WC Fownes
W. C. Fownes
1910 U.S. Amateur Champion
4 time Pennsylvania Amateur Champion 

A vintage photo of golfing great Jerome Travers..
Jerome Travers
1907 U.S. Amateur Champion
1908 U.S. Amateur Champion
1912 U.S. Amateur Champion
1913 U.S. Amateur Champion
1915 U.S. Open Champion  

A vintage photo of golfer and sports writer John G. Anderson
John G. Anderson
2 time French Amateur Champion
2 time U.S. Amateur runner-up
1911 Massachusetts Amateur Champion 

A vintage photo of Boston golfer Mike Brady.
Mike Brady
1917 North-South Champion
1922 Western Open Champion 

A vintage photo of golfer George Sargent.
George Sargent
1909 U.S. Open Champion
1912 Canadian Open Champion
 Charter member and future 
President PGA of America 

A vintage photo of golfer Alec Ross, brother to architect Donald Ross.
Alec Ross
1907 U.S. Open Champion
4 time Swiss Open Champion
6 time North-South Champion


  A vintage photo of golfer Alec Campbell.
Alec Campbell - 1907 U.S. Open runner up. Lost by one stroke. Suffered a 2 stroke penalty in final round as a result of his gelatin filled ball decompressing in mid-flight.
Served as the official referee in the 1913 U.S. Open 3 way playoff. 

A vintage photo of golfer Alec Smith.
Alec Smith 
1906 U.S. Open Champion
 1910 U.S. Open Champion 

A vintage photo of Boston golfer Tom McNamara.
Tom McNamara 
1912 North-South Champion
 1913 North-South Champion  

A vintage photo of golfer Fred Herreshoff.

Fred Herreshoff 
Fred was the player at the time that carried the label - "Greatest player to never win a major". Every leader board of every amateur tournament of any significance had Fred's name on
it. His 2 greatest claims to fame were at  16 he was a finalist in the 1904 United States Golf Association Amateur Championship losing to H. Chandler Egan,and finishing 2nd to H.H. Hilton of blessed by the Golf Gods fame in 1911
Patrick Doyle
Instructor to President Taft, Joseph Kennedy, Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis
1918 Jacksonville Open Champion
(photo not available)

On this list we have named 16 players other than Vardon and Ray, among these top 16 players you will find 41 career major victories. Throw in Vardon and Ray and you have 18 players and you add in 9 more career majors. Oh and let us forget not J. H. Taylor, finishing T30 with his 5 majors including the 1913 British Open Championship or Fred McLeod 1908 US Open champion, one of only 6 players to have improved scores the 2nd day of the 1913 Open. I don't know about you but I think this might have been one highly anticipated and competitive event. How the golf Gods aligned this one, amazing. One man short for the qualifying rounds, who do we get ? Why not the kid that won the Massachusetts Amateur, he lives directly across the street from The Country Club and works for George Wright, surely George will give him the day off to play in the qualifier. 

Francis Ouimet, no thought given to his chances at qualifying, not even who will caddie for him, let alone any thought given to what history brought forth.....The 1913 US Open

To learn more about these great golfing pioneers, continue your search here........


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