A Curious Incident - A USGA Ruling

A photo of JJ McDermott's swing from behind the line of play.A photo of JJ McDermott's swing face on.A photo of JJ McDermott's swing from in front of  line of play.

J. J. McDermott swing sequence, look at that shoulder turn. When he snapped those hips thru he really generated some club head speed.

Rules incident - "McDermott was playing steadily but not putting very well. At the 14th hole in the morning he came by a curious incident. He hooked his tee shot in the direction of a big tree a long way from the tee, and the ball came down in very thick grass. When it was found it was discovered to be resting on the top of another ball-one that had been lost and not found again. The question arose as to what could or should be done in the circumstances and Mr. Watson the USGA president, was appealed to and properly declared that the ball should be played as it was. McDermott considered the case and determined that the only thing to do was play at the stray ball, the one that did not belong to him which he did accordingly, his own shooting off at an angle into more rough grass and the hole costing him a six." Henry Leach, The American Golfer October 1913

J.J. "Jack" McDermott was the 1st American (and the youngest person, 19 years 315 days old ) to win the U.S. Open doing so in 1911 by defeating Mike Brady and George Simpson in a 18 hole playoff (McDermott 80, Brady 82 & Simpson 85). The 17th U.S. Open was played at the Chicago Golf Club in Chicago Illinois. 

In 1912 McDermott becomes the 1st repeat winner of the U.S. Open as well as the first golfer to break par in a 72 hole event. The 1912 US Open was played at Country Club of Buffalo Buffalo, New York


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