Clearly favored by the Golf Gods - H.H. Hilton of England 

The scene - 1911 United States Amateur Golf Tournament played at The Apawanis Club, Rye, New York. Mr. H. H. Hilton of Royal Liverpool England and Mr. F Herreshoff of Ekwanok CC of Vermont have tied the final 36 hole round and have entered a sudden death playoff.........

"Going into the 37th hole Mr. Herreshoff cracked off a beautiful tee-shot, Mr. Hilton's being weak, for him. His second was very badly sliced and looked as if would end up in the trees to the right, short of the green, but it struck a rock and caromed off onto the green"

The gallery going to the first green in the Hilton-Herreshoff match. the rock which Mr. Hilton's ball struck going to this hole
 ( the 37th) may be faintly discerned at the right of the green immediately at the base of the nearest tree.

"This seemed to disconcert Mr. Herreshoff who half-topped his second leaving himself a difficult approach. This he failed to bring off, his ball overrunning the hole some 20 feet. Mr. Hilton's approach putt was rather a flabby stroke, quite wide of the hole. Mr. Herreshoff playing the long odd failed to hole, and Mr. Hilton's putt just dropping in by the back door, gave him the match and the championship."  Walter Travis, American Golfer

Its always interesting to look back on events such as these and observe human behavior from afar. Especially golfers, for some reason incidents like these expose people's true characters. After the 1911 Amateur Mr. Herreshoff became known  "as fine a sportsman as ever lived".

We'll let you read about H.H. Hilton and let you judge for yourself. Keep in mind that this guy's 2nd shot on the 37th hole was headed for oblivion....H. H. Hilton as quoted in the London Daily Mail sometime in November 1911, "At the moment I have but little doubt in my mind that the standard of the game as played across the Atlantic is not quite the same plane as that exhibited on this side, several of the American amateurs are distinctly brilliant exponents of the game, but they can not claim the same consistency of form that one or two of our most finished amateurs show."

To learn more about H.H. Hilton and his golfing career, continue your search here.....

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