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A cartoon about a golf ball give away.

Logo golf balls have been around for awhile and surely have been welcome gifts received by many golfers, from charity golf tournament participants and company golf outing players, to tourist gifts and business thank you gifts, the logo golf ball always serves an appreciated purpose. 

The "giver" almost always sticks a dozen or two away tax free into his or her own golf bag or locker and the logo ball receiver after dumping a couple in the pond on number 7 during a friendly Sunday afternoon round can justifiably take on an easy come easy go attitude.  

If he'd paid $4.00 to $5.00 apiece for those babies his composure may get a work out or, if playing with the spouse a little matrimonial jousting may have resulted, but when they were gifts from an associate well its ok to chunk their $$ into the pond or woods or even only look haphazardly in the rough.  

Not putting the importance of the above aside don't you wonder sometimes just how effective putting well known company logos on golf balls can be beyond the immediate impact of gift and thank you. 

You can be sure that for many years logo golf balls have been found by ball hawks of all types and have  triggered the question "I wonder what "Brown, Black and White do?".  Not many years back you had no way of finding out, yet BB&W may have been that investment banker you were looking for or perhaps that all important widget maker you've been trying to locate. 

Now we have the internet and finding out what a company does should be an easy task even for the mildly curious. With this thought in mind we started saving the logo golf balls we found and put them aside for some dreary February Saturday. 

As I sat down to "Google" a few of the names I found on these little logo'd treasures I started wondering about a lost golf ball effective index among other things but decided that the best thing to do is put each ball I found or previously had in my "collection" on line with a couple quick notes and let you the reader decide if logo golf balls were keeping pace with the internet world.


Vintage ad for
 Champion Golf Ball Marker

Vintage ad for
 Simplex Golf Ball Marker

Logo golf ball #1 Old course St. Andrews

Logo golf ball #2 St. Andrews Scotland

Logo golf ball #3 Dailys

Logo Ball 4 Al Capone (The Tunnels of Moose Jaw)

Logo Golf Ball 5 Dunkin' Donuts

Logo Golf Ball 6 Kapalua

Logo Golf Ball 7 arlboston.org

Logo Golf Ball 8 Southampton Princess Bermuda

Logo Golf Ball 9 Brown Brothers Harriman

Logo Golf Ball 10 Simonds

Logo Golf Ball 11 HBM

Logo Golf Ball 12  TPC 





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