The Metal Driver

Gary Adams and TaylorMade Golf are given a lot of much deserved credit for today's metal driver. Mr. Adams sales and marketing skills put his metal driver and other turbo power golf clubs in the spot light and with modern manufacturing technology allowing it to be produced at a competitive price the golfers world wide scooped up his game improving marvel. 

The same could be said for Callaway and their Big Bertha driver in 1991 claiming " the Callaway Big Bertha driver featured a revolutionary change in golf equipment- a large volume club head." The secret was the large head increased sweet spot. This game improving club gave new meaning to the phrase "nice miss", as off center hits were propelled down the fairway instead for turning right or left into the unknown.

However some of the credit they receive is not their due, like credit for the concept. 

  • 1st Metal Golf Driver US Patent 1,526,438
  • Application filed July 16, 1923, Patent issued February 17, 1925
  • Be it known that I, Lewis L. Scott, a citizen of the United States, residing in the city of St. Louis and state of Missouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Golf Drivers.....
  • The object of my invention is to provide a metal headed golf driver with a large striking face........
  • I have found that by having a very large striking face and by teeing the (golf) ball very high, the chances of hitting the ball are greatly increased. I have also found that greater distance can be gotten with a metal head and that greater accuracy can be gotten with a metal driver head..." 

A copy to the patent drawings for the first metal golf driver.
Mr. Lewis Scott's drawing for his patent submission, 
a metal headed golf driver, 1925


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