The Friendly Golfing Wager
"A wager memorializes otherwise mundane events" 


There's an expression for you "The Friendly Golfing Wager".  The golfing wager has become so common that it is almost synonymous with golf match. And even though it has no doubt been around since the games beginning betting on golf has not survived without its detractors like golf course architect Donald Ross and the great LPGA Hall of Famer Mickey Wright. 

The golf wager also survived spite of its characters, from Willie Park to Titanic Thompson and "Mysterious Montague."

There are several types of bets, with which all golfers should be or become familiar. Of course there are hundreds and hundreds of other golfing wagers to be made as nothing on earth lends itself to a proposition bet quite like a game of golf.

For example years ago a friend and I after playing terrible rounds both landed in green side bunker on 18, about 2 feet apart and about equal distance to the pin. I am not sure who proposed it but it was a bet made and taken in a flash, "Five bucks, closest to the hole".

It was determined that my friend go first and he proceeded to bury his wedge in the sand moving his ball in the trap about 18 inches . With much bravado and bluster I addressed my shot knowing if I just got out of the trap I'd be $5 richer.

Then.....yup you guessed it, I too buried my wedge in the sand moving my ball about 10 inches. In absolute disgust I immediately took wild swipe at the ball, lofting it high and straight at the pin leaving myself a 2 inch putt and $5 poorer. 

Anyway some of the more common types for golf betting follow....

Choose'em - A game for three where the "choose 'em" player changes for each hole. After all players drive he can selected his partner and they both play against the third.

Skins-now popularized by a winter skins game played among 4 professionals even though it is the ideal betting arrangement for a 3 some.

Putts - This is an excellent side bet in any group.

Quotas-a straight type of bet based on the quota scoring system, good for a 3 some or better still for larger groups of players with varying handicaps

Dots or junk- The king of the side bets can be played in combination with just about any form of match or wager

Nassau-The most common type of wager though is the Nassau. So named because of itís origins, Nassau County Club.  

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