Golf wagering
Betting on the number of putts


A photo of the great Sam Snead putting in later years.A photo of the great Harold Hilton putting.A photo of a cartoon depicting an important money putt.A photo of the President Taft putting.A photo of the great Bobby Jones putting.

One common side bet among golfers is -putts. The basic wager is, who will complete the round with the fewest number of putts. Putts are defined as any shot that takes place on the a putting green. (Assuming that the putting green the stroke is made on is the one intended for the hole being played.) So don't let anyone count your use of the putter as "Texas Wedge" from the fringe as a putt.

Putting also lends itself to terrific and fun proposition bets, for example if you are in a friendly match and your opponent has about a 12 footer it's a great time to offer this wager, "I've got $5 that says you can't 3 putt from there." Then watch as it slowly sinks in.....





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