Dots or junk

Dots or junk, as they are sometimes called, can add a new dimension to any golf match. A dot is like an extra point for making par or better while executing a specific shot or making a shot from a specific area. We’ll get to why they are called dots a little later.

Some of the more common played dots are greenies, sandies and birdies. A greenie is a dot if you hit the green in regulation and make par or better. A sandy is a dot if you make a par on a hole that you played a shot from a sand trap somewhere along the way. Double sandies, meaning that 2 shots were played from the sand are possible, as are triple sandies although they are rare and often involve holing out from the sand.  A birdie is a dot for, well, for making a birdie.

They are called dots because when scoring or indicating their accomplishment the scorer marks their scorecard with a dot as shown below. Just like your regular golf score there is no indication as to how the dot was obtained, only how many dots were accomplished.

Now as you may have suspected, dots fall into the category of golf wagering. Dots are given monetary value. Most conservative golfers play 25 cent, 50 cent or $1 dots. It is suggested that dots only be played among players of approximately the same ability.

Now back to the scoring. Did you notice that Sally got a dot for her birdie. Karen got a dot for her sandie, Linda got no dots as she made a bogie, and Beth got two dots. How did she accomplish this? Well after dumping her tee shot into a fairway bunker, she hammered a 3 wood from the trap 230 yards to 4 feet from the pin and two putted for par. The result is a sandie and a greenie, and if she hadn’t mis-hit that stinking little 4 footer, she'd have had  a greenie, sandie and a birdie.


That dear reader covers the basics of golfing dots.

Now, it gets interesting, wild, and sometimes very profitable as there are several different kinds of dots and a potential for as many more as your local course and imagination can create. The following listing is common dots at our local golf club.

barkies, fairways, OB’s, aquas, Arnie’s, as in Arnold Palmer, girlies, supers, tractors, fleshies, stonies, sprinklers, carts, fence, cocktail glass, Fess Parker's, buffie

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