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Golf is such an evolving game that it is impossible to look at it once and cover even the smallest inkling of the subject. Like golf we here at the golf ball factory are planning an ever evolving site with look's at everything from today's rocket balls and high tech drivers to club champions, past champions and "The Devil" himself, the golf course architect. If you'd like to play along just send an email to oneunder@thegolfballfactory.com with "Balls in the Air" as your subject and we'll add you to the foursome. We look forward to having you join us. If you happen to have a case of the 1st tee jitters the only thing you have to worry about is if you whiff ! So don't take that chance, instead take a second and sign up now.

Balls in the Air archives


June 2014  With all the talk of the 2 US Opens at Pinehurst, remember it is the 60th anniversary of Babe's 1954 US Women's' Open win at Salem "The most courageous golf ever played." NY Times 

August 28, 2013 August 1913 The Country Club has over 200 willing golfers to serve as marshals and flag men during the upcoming open in September. Open preparations going smoothly.

August 15, 2013 August 15, 1913 Harry Vardon and Edward Ray arrive in New York at 9 pm on board the Celtic.  #1913USOpen

August 12, 2013 August 12, 1913 David Foulis is granted a patent on his Golf Flag Support system. One of golf course cares greatest improvements.

May 2013 May 1913 The Royal and Ancient Club guards the Old Course against damage to their greens by Britain's militant suffragette movement. 

April 2013 April 1913 Des Moines slides back in its public golf course leadership, city withdraws its support for public park golf courses.

April 2013 The 100th anniversary of Alexander Pringle's contribution to golf technology being granted a patent.

March 2013 March 1913 The American Golfer Magazine Slams Massachusetts Golfers 

February 2013 - Dean Martin Golf Balls....enough said....check the video

January 2013 - January 1913 Indoor golf continues its grip on Chicago as facilities both improve and expand.

December 12, 2012 - December 12, 1899 Dr. George Grant was issued a patent on the first wooden golf tee

September 2012 - Can you imagine anyone calling Bobby Jones a witch ? 

August 2012 -  August 1912  As the Chicago Golf Club prepares for United States Golf Association Amateur Championship, club professional Dave Foulis proclaims the "very best of condition"

August 2012 -  August 1912 Mr. Harry G. Legg won his 4th consecutive Trans-Mississippi Championship

August 2012 -  August 2, 1912 J. J. McDermott repeats as Untied States Open Champion at The Buffalo Country Club holding off a charging Tom McNamara whose final round was a course record setting 69. The field of 128 starters was a record number necessitating a start time each day of 6:30 am. Walter J. Travis finishing 10th was low amateur in the event for the fourth time in the last ten years of United States Open competition. It is also worth mentioning the 7 of the top 10 finishers were all born and bred a golfers in The United States.

July 2012 -  Think conditions were bad at Congressional Country Club a few weeks back, check this out..... THE 1912 WESTERN AMATEUR GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP

May 2012  -  May 1912 Francis Ouimet appears on the "golfing radar screen".

April 2012 -  Is Golf a sport ?  This often asked question addressed head on. 

February 2012 -  A rules question 

July 2011 -   The Annexation of Canada & Winnipegian Pothunters.    Hmmm.......

June 2011 -   But did Mr. Green make his par ?  If he did, it would legendary.

April 2011 - Can you imagine playing in the U.S. Open.......alone ?  Herbert Strong did.

March 2011 - For big time golfers (and perhaps engineers), this is amazing; Watch this video. This shows what a golf ball goes through when hit at 150 mph... it's amazing to me how long these balls last. Maybe that's why the Pro's use new balls every time they play...Remember, it's 70,000 frames per second. 



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