Is golf a sport ? 


  Is golf a sport ? Golf is no mere sport ! Nor a trivial game ! Golf is a passion that once it has gotten you there is no turning back. First you think it is a little quaint, after all how difficult can it be to hit that little ball into that little hole, then you find yourself trying it and you become a trifle bit more amused and have a few good laughs with friends or family and you think you might like to give it a try again. Then maybe again. 

Then again and without warning you swing the club just so, smoothly, powerfully, rotating your hips, propelling your arms and hands through, whipping the club head at maximum speed at the ball and WHACK !!! The ball and club head make contact in the dead center of the the perfectly squared club face and your ball rockets off into space at blinding speed creating a breath taking arc as it screeches towards its target. And you know, you have just hit it "dead solid perfect" . And you also know that you must experience that again and again.

Soon you find yourself practicing and playing, playing and practicing and after awhile you become "pretty good" but you still haven't hit another one like that first one, man was that sweet. 

Next you find yourself taking lessons, reading books, joining clubs. It becomes apparent to all who surround you that you have become addicted to golf, you know that "mere sport" or "trivial game". 

You deny it saying its un-true, I'm not addicted, I mean after all I only play on the days that end in "Y" , besides it was a light snow and effected just the putting. Then it happens, the pursuit of par. You realize that what people are saying is true.

So you decide that once you shoot a round of par golf, you'll give it up, but just once you want to shoot par. 

So the time goes by, you work on your swing, you practice your putting stroke, twist, turn, bloody hands, new clubs, new glove and it happens you not only shoot par you actually break par. At this point the addiction is all consuming and that promise you made to give up the game when you shot par is now the devil's fodder because you know abnegating golf is never going to happen. 

No, golf is not a mere sport.



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