Idlewild CC Major Golf Tournament preparation...1912 style
In preparing for the 1912 Western Open Golf Championship
Idlewild directors and officials have assured that nothing will be left 
undone to these picturesque links for the best field ever assembled.
The American Golfer March 1912


  In the opinion of Professional Al Naylor, who long ago began to plan for a championship contest at Idlewild, the links will be praised by all who play as affording a real test of golf. As if to emphasize its willingness to get ready for the comfort of  its September visitors the club has laid in a stock of ice in a private ice house, sufficient to make cooling drinks for thousands of players and visitors. With a large pond and a creek on the grounds and plenty of sparkling artesian water available, the directors took advantage of the extremely cold weather in January and February to make their own ice. More than 2,000 tons of the useful product of nature are stored in a specially built ice house —the service from ice companies during two seasons, so erratic and costly thereby will get a stinging rebuke. Besides, the members' colony occupying neighboring bungalows will be accommodated by the club service.

Mr. Newman, who also is chairman of the Greens Committee, wishes to inform golfers through the medium of THE AMERICAN GOLFER, that every entrant in the championship will receive a distinct pleasurable sensation when he sees the picturesque Idlewild course for the first time—the tournament is regarded as a sort of a missionary factor for Idlewild, which is situated just far enough east of the classic Homewood C. C. links to be overlooked by many visitors to the adjoining golf course. 

"If Nature had worked expressly for an admirable golf club site," said Mr. Newman, "she could not have been more kindly at Idlewild. When we began four years ago to plan the location of the links, club house, locker accommodations, tennis courts, playgrounds, etc., the location of each factor was suggested by the natural adaptabilities of the place. Nature had been the landscape architect for us. The result is that we have received more than a flattering amount of praise for the ensemble at the Idlewild Club.

Not to be out done......
Mr. L. Monte Stein is chairman of the Sports and Pastimes Committee, and it was largely through his efforts that the club was able to enter the lists for the championship and get the plum. Not the least of the novelties introduced at Idlewild by the directorate is the feature for Ladies' Day, every Tuesday during the season. A professional entertainer is engaged for the day at the club for the benefit of the young folks, thereby enabling the mothers to compete in the club events. The club has many members living in the vicinity of the links and these "golfing crèche" entertainments at the club house widen the possibilities for the women to compete in golf contests. End American Golfer

It's funny how once a club has established a personality it perpetuates itself. From their own web site "In 2008 Idlewild Country Club celebrated its “Centennial Year”.  Several extra celebrations were planned that summer beginning with an Opening Dinner/Lobster Fest, a Family 100th Birthday Party & Carnival, a Formal Centennial Gala, and a Flick & Float Night with Fireworks. The Board of Directors and members look forward to continuing the fine traditions of Idlewild Country Club for another 100 years!" 

It would be interesting to know if they gave out any golf gift bag sets ?

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