American Golfer in its December 1912 issue 
ran a caption contest for this little political cartoon. 

THE AMERICAN GOLFER will give $25 for the best title for the above. 
Answers will be received up to January 15th, and the name and address, of the winner will be printed in the February issue. 
There are no other conditions—there is no " catch "—simply apply the best title.

This carton originally appeared in our ( American Golfer ) December issue. A prize was offered for the best title, 
which, in our opinion, is "Out and In," as submitted by Col. John F. Lumpkin, of Kansas City,Mo., aid-de-camp to the Governor of Missouri.

A vast number of replies were received, a few of which we give hereunder:

"The 'Nassau' System."
''Wilson (at the18th hole) : 'Congratulations,
Bill! You've won the going-out journey.'
"The King of Sports and the Sport of Presidents."
"Honor always rules."
"Wilson wins. That's all."
"Two up and one to go."
"Two up—one to go."
"Best Wishes."
"Putter there!"
"Capita (o)l Play."
"Boys will be boys."
""The gentle art of golf."
"Hol(e)d out."
"Unable to get 'in' a second time."
"Two up, only one to play."
"Two down and only one to play."
"President Taft—'Congratulations Professor—two down and only one to play.' "
"The Ex-National and the New National champions."
"Woodrow—'I holed out pretty well, Bill,didn't I?'
"William—'Yes, pretty well. And I hope you'll hold out, too.' "

"The straight-face will now replace the bulger."
"The Winner—'You see, Bill, Teddy pressed too much with his brassey!'"
"Dormie four."
"Colonel (T. R.)— 'Bogie not in it.'"
"The Outgoing President—'Glad you were away up on "The Colonel," Woodrow.'"
"Champion of the Presidential tournament—'
Bad stymie Teddy laid you, Bill!' "
"Winner—'Capital, Woodrow !' 
"Loser—'No, Bill— Capitol.' "
" 'It's your honor, Woodrow!' "
"Four down and four to go."
"Putt in and put out."
"William—'Congratulations, Woodrow!
Won most of the Electoral holes, didn't yon ?' 
"Woodrow—'Thank you, Bill. You see, two T's suited me to a T.' "
"The victory is not always to the man with the most form."
"Extending the right hand of sympathy reciprocal."
"One up, one to go."

" 'It's your honor, Woodrow; Teddy's initiative referendum and recall were too much for me.' "
"Your Honor."
"The start and finish of the game."
"Congratulating the winner."
"Golfer (W. H. T.)—'Behind the Clouds is the Sun still Shining?'"
"One down and one to play."
" 'It's your honor.' "
" 'Playing out' and 'going home.'"
"The Grand Old Game."
"Our solace in defeat."
"Our inspiration in success."
"Two Kind of Links."
"Connecting Links."
"After war, comes peace."
"For the title."
"Who do I meet after I beat you."
"One up and one to go."
"Friends of the game."

William Taft first of our Golfing Presidents



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