Golf Instruction  1862

If you enter "golf swing" in a Google search for images you get a return of approx 3,300,000 pages, for videos you get 25,500,000. Now if you turn your attention to the putting stance you get 3,980,000 videos and 2,810,000 pictures. If you went looking for the same searches in 1862, these are what you would you would find. So do you think technology may have changed how we teach and learn golf today.














The next time you take a lesson from your club golf professional ( you do take golf lessons right ?)  and he offers you a video lesson with analysis you can take home and work with think about these early golf instruction pictures and Alan Robertson breaking 80 five years before these appeared. Don't know about you but I think that is pretty impressive.

To learn more about early golf instruction, continue your search here....

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