The Board of Governors for Stanton Heights Golf Club of Pittsburgh 
have decided to take action.
The American Golfer, March 1911

Considering the number of advertisements for golf ball markers that were run in  golfing magazines in the early 1900's, I suspect some thought this to be a major problem. Golf Ball Markers or imprinters today although available, are more of a gift item for the golfer that has everything. 


The Board of Governors for Stanton Heights Golf Club of Pittsburgh have decided in view of the great amount of trouble which the club has experienced through the caddies' misappropriating balls owing to the policy of a certain manufacturer accepting second-hand balls from the caddies, the Board of Governors decided to install a system of marking very much in vogue in England. 

To that end an Omnes Marker has been ordered from the manufacturer in England and every member of the club will be assigned a registered number and all balls he purchases will be stamped with that number. The presence of this mark on the ball will make identification easy and is expected to do away with the unfortunate practice of boys offering balls for sale or for refund to the manufacturer.

This is a prime example of how times change. The "misappropriating" of golf balls was a problem. Losing golf balls was a problem. People marked them so that if they lost them they would be returned. At my club if you lose a ball you don't want it returned because the of price you pay to "The Master Ball Hawk."

The other twist is people use golf balls today for advertising, and hope these logo golf balls they have get lost and found by dozens of people, if fact the more the better.

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