But did Mr. Green make his par ?



Mr. R. W. Green was responsible for a most unusual shot at the Wyoming Valley Country Club, Wilkes-Barre. Driving off the first tee, he sliced badly and the ball carried through a window and bounded into the punch bowl on the buffet. The steward hearing the crash of the breaking window glass, hurried into the room and found the ball in the bowl.
As reported in The American Golfer, February 1911


Come on how about the rest of the story, did he make his par ? If he did were they playing dots, and if so what name did they give ? A bowlie ? Punchie ? Perhaps a clubhouse ? Or a buffie ? Maybe they even gave him 4 dots, one for each possibility.

Two things are certain, I would have loved to have been there, and those that were had a great golf story that I'm sure they never tired of telling.

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