Money Golf, 600 Years of Bettin' on Birdies

 by Michael K. Bohn

A photo of the cover of Michael Bohn's book "Money Golf"

This book is a keeper, covering "golf betting" from the start. It seems there was always a reason and a way to wager on golf, but if for some odd reason a golfer and his opponent could not agree to a conventional wager, then something just got made up. You will read about  "Window Chipping" for $5 and money matches involving Al Capone that started at $500 per hole and grew to enormous sums through various side bets. At match where Arnold Palmer was bet $100 he could not break 90 and a seemingly endless stream of stories of friendly and some not so friendly golf wagers.

From page 83....When Tommy Armor was asked who were his favorite opponents he replied..."Rich guys with fast back swings."

And always remember "Winner Buys"

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