The Golf Course

So you think you'd like to learn about the golf do you ? What is you want to learn?  how to play ? Well if you want to learn how to play the game of golf go see your PGA professional because you're not going to learn how to play  here or on any other web site, or golf swing instruction dvds or in any golf instruction book for that matter.  Now if your interest is not in how to play the game but instead in how the game of golf is played you've come to the right place. Cause you see we know what it is like to step onto the 1st Tee on a clear Saturday morning as a member of a new club and you think you're gonna piss your pants or worse and there's 10 or so new faces just waiting for a good laugh at your expense so that the fact that their game sucks and that they really don't know squat about the game of golf gets concealed one more time, and these pathetic golf frauds get to spend one more weekend in their state of ignorant bliss. 

Anyway I digress, Lesson Number One, Golf is one of life's most humbling games and no matter who you are, if you play golf, sometime, somewhere golf is going humble you in ways you have yet to even imagine. So if you can grasp this thought and are strong enough let it go when it happens then welcome to our club, this Golf Course has been developed with your enjoyment of the great game of golf in mind.

But keep in mind that here we play by original rules, you play the ball as it lies and the golf course as you find it. Oh yes no whiners welcome. Balls in the air, are you ready to tee it up ?

An old drawing of a golfer standing on his caddie's shoulders while trying to hit a golf shot.


Let's meet at the putting green

Hole 1 Handicap and Wager
 a long par 5 you'll never reach in 2.

Hole 2 Golf Tournaments
 a pressure packed par 4 with a second shot 
over an abyss that few can carry.
1913 US Open
Olympic Golf

The Open Championship

Hole 3 Golfing Excuses
 and easy par 3 we're all capable of birdie here

Hole 4 Golf Etiquette
 a short par 4 that can destroy 
any  round should you miss the green.

Hole 5 The Golf Course Architect
 a short par 5 so tempting but forget about it, 
you're playing with the devil himself.

Hole 6 The Green keeper
 a nasty par 3 with more protection 
than a king's fortress.

Hole 7  Range rat
 a medium length par 4 with light protection 
for the green from hell

Hole 8  Ball hawk
 a tiger length par 4 requiring an enormous drive 
down a narrow fairway bordered
 with knee high rough both sides

Hole 9 Golfing Partners
 another long par 4, with a large landing area 
and a flat unprotected green, a tempting birdie hole

Hole10 Golf Resorts
 a beautiful par 3 with any easy carry over water 
to a huge bowl shaped green. a tough birdie but an easy par

Hole 11 The Caddie
 a classic par 4, dogleg left with 
your second shot a medium iron over water

Hole12  Golf Rules
 a giant par 5 with a double dog leg, 
and more hazards then you can count

Hole 13 Golf course living
a subtle par 4 with traps left and right, tee to green

Hole14 Golfing Equipment
a tempting par 3, with the most deceiving 
and the trickiest pin placements on the course

Hole15 Golfing Accessories
 a confusing par 4 with a continuously changing route

Hole 16 Golf School-Now what
 a blind par 4 dogleg right, 
a blind tee shot and a blind approach

Hole 17 The Golf Pro
an extreme par 5 that pushes the golfer on all levels

Hole 18 Hall of Golf Champions
 an elusive par 4 that requires not only physical skills, 
but emotional ones as well

Hole 19 The grillroom
where birdies are a dime a dozen and everyone's handicap is scratch

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Photo of United States Golf Association seal

A photo of a United States Golf Association membership decal

The course looks a little to tough for ya' now does it, 
well then we suggest you just carry on your merry way 
with a search for an easier one here.....


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Hole 4 Golf Etiquette|Hole 5 The Golf Course Architect|Hole 6 The Green keeper|Hole 7  Range rat|
Hole 8  Ball hawk
Hole 9 Golfing Partners
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