Touchy, Touchy......
It appears as though Tiger may have hit a nerve.
Perhaps a little chat in the locker room is in order.

"I'm gonna change the name now. It's going to be 'Tiger Wuss.' Here's a guy [who} took about three months to get over a simple arthroscopic surgery. You look at [Pittsburgh Penguins forward] Ryan Malone. His face exploded with a slap shot...and he's back out in 10 minutes." Mike Milbury, former New York Islanders GM and  Boston Bruins  legend, with an angry response to Tiger Woods' remark that, "I don't think anybody really watches hockey anymore."
(Golf World June 13,2008}

Talk about two guys with no concept of reality, let's start with Tiger. Tiger have you ever been to Canada ? Or don't you consider Canadians "anybody". Good God man what were you thinking ? And Michael, April 15 to June 12 is not "about 3 months" on any calendar in the western world and we're not saying Ryan Malone is not tough, but what we are saying is it's apparent you have never generated club speed in excess of 130 mph while snapping that left knee into a locked position with oh I don't know a million big ones on the line.



On yeah and Milbury, this just in from Golfweek, Tiger was also playing with a broken leg ! A double stress facture of his left tibia. Let's see 7400 yards x 5days  =  37000 yards x 3 = 111000 feet divided by 5280 = 21 miles. So Mike what do you think, the guy walks more than 21 miles over a  5 day period with acl issues and a double fracture both in his left leg while playing golf with a 130 mph swing which generates who knows how much torque in his left leg, care to re-think the the Tiger Wuss ?


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