Golf as you well know is a game played for many different reasons. Can  you think of any reason that more important than this ? I know some of us feel that if the day of the week ends with a "y" that is a more than satisfactory reason to play golf, but really the next time you tee it up give this little piece from the 10-16-2005 issue of Golf World about 10 seconds thought. Or better yet e-mail a link to this page to anyone that questions the importance and power of golf.



By John Storage

A South Korean golf club manufacturer, Master Fitting System Golf, offered a set of clubs to North Korea’s "Dear Leader", Kim Jong-il, "in a symbolic gesture to promote peace on the Korean peninsula by arranging a golf game between Mr. Kim and South Korean president Roh Moo-hyun," the Korean newspaper, the JoongAng Daily, wrote. The clubs were presented to Kim last month at a Korean LPGA tournament in Pyongyang. "We hope leaders from both North and South Korea can tee up for a meaningful round of golf and discuss how to promote peace on the Korean peninsula," said Jeon Jae-hong, who runs Master Fitting System Golf.



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