The Perfect Set of Golf Clubs
The absolutely perfect set of golf clubs for you!

"While testing 872 clubs, our testers hit an incredible 150,000 shots. The end result was a lot of blisters, and the secret to exactly which clubs are best for the way you play." Golf magazine in publishing this cover story in their December 2005 issue, may have also given Doctor Double his greatest cure yet for the excuse maven golfer, all Doctor Double has to say now, is, "Thereís nothing wrong with your game or your psychological state, just because youíve taken your sixth double in a row after four jacking the eleventh green from twenty feet, youíre down five with seven to play, your partner stops speaking to you on the eighth fairway, you think youíve forgotten which end of the club to grip, but reallyÖthere really is no need to panic. Itís just a matter of youíre not playing the clubs that are exactly right for you."

Doctor Double sees that quite clearly. After all, with the exception of the way you do that funny thing with your left elbow at the top of your swing, your swing is just plain perfect.

 So, stop by the golf shop on your way home, drop a grand or two on a new set of morphed cavity backed, forged, hybrid transition clubs, and come back next week to see me. If you by chance you have any questions on exactly which clubs you need, Iíll lend you my copy of the Golf Magazine article. Just stop by the putting green on your way to the pro shop. Iíll be working on my three to four footers.




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