How much to tip your caddie has been a question asked in  club grill room's throughout the golf world for a couple hundred years at least and although each club or course has their on standards there is no hard and fast rule as to how much a golf caddie should make. Why some people think it's alright not to tip their caddie after a round of golf at all but instead to give her a gift......

Diamonds Are A caddie’s Best Friend:

Chris Evans is a British radio and television personality known for his largesse, which was apparent when he won a Russian-cut diamond for his performance in the All Star Cup, a celebrity team match-play competition at the Celtic Manor in Wales. He gave the diamond, valued at nearly $18,000, to his 17-year-old caddie, Natalie Harrison, a member of the Welsh under-18 team and the women’s club champion at Rhuddlan GC. She initially declined the gift, but Evans persisted, citing the help she gave him on the course, particularly in reading putts. He intends to have it made into a necklace for her.

Golf World 09/09/05,John Storage

Now the caddie is taken care of what are you going to do for the Caddie Master ?




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