Fairway Woods-Club Test

Managing Editor (Equipment), GOLF MAGAZINE

 "Your driver gets the glory, but your fairway woods do a lot of the dirty work that helps you score. When you need to split a tight fairway, reach a long par 5 in two or send the ball screaming out of the knee deep Bermuda rough......" for the rest of this piece click the link below 

Wait a minute Rob, who are you trying to kid, ankle deep Bermuda yes  but knee deep come on.  First of all if you're talking " knee deep Bermuda rough" you're either talking from the perspective of a jack rabbit or your playing someplace on earth that I can't imagine a golf course existing and second of all, nothing comes screaming out Bermuda rough except a golfer that just found his ball being stared at by some hungry old Florida Gator and if its knee deep that ole gator is surely gonna have himself a mid-afternoon snack, so they'll no doubt be some screaming, just nothing coming  screaming out.

Oh by the way the article is great! It provides the usual and terrific reporting for which Golf Magazine known. One of the things that make Golf Magazines Club Tests always so informative and good reads is the broad range of golfers that are used for the testing purposes not only in abilities but age range as well. Most of us when it comes to clubs have trouble relating to a 20 year old golfer with a plus 6 handicap. 

The other thing that impressed me (and this will probably  be changed by the time you read this)  is how they found two golf club testers that looked exactly alike, yet were 3 years apart in age, 3 strokes apart in handicap yet had different last names.

To learn more about fairway woods, club testing or anything that relates to the game of golf continue your search here.....



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