Connie Mack, manager of the world champion 
Philadelphia Athletics endorses golf for baseball players.

The American Golfer February 1911



Photo of baseball great Connie Mack.

Connie Mack of Philadelphia manager of the world's champion Athletics, is wise beyond his regime. The wily Quaker leader has encouraged his ball playing talent to take up golf and those who have tried out the ancient and honorable past time have found that it was of wonderful development to their batting eyes. Golf should be of still further assistance to ball players. After fighting a round of the course and pitching into innumerable traps and bunkers, imagine what a vocabulary of profane oratory the player should develop for the benefit of the umpire when the latter renders a decision against him. Golf should be of incalculable aid in this respect as well as others of a more physical type to the ambitious baseballist.

August 1912, Manager Fred Clark of the Pittsburgh Team is also an enthusiastic exponent of the "Royal and Ancient" game. He believes that golf-playing in the morning gives the ball player the desired morning practice for the hard struggle in the afternoon.

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