The Book of Golfers, 
A Biographical History of the Royal & Ancient Game


A photo of the cover of "The Book of Golfers" featuring Bobby Jones, Ted Ray and others.


A meticulously researched work from one of America's leading golf historians, The Book of Golfers represents a unique addition to the game's literary history, profiling nearly 1300 of its most important people dating from the 15th century to present.

Trying to select a quote from this reference gem is near impossible. This being said I decided to go with the under 268 "As long as golf is played in America, the name of Francis de Sales Ouimet will remain in the limelight, for it was Ouimet's spectacular upset of Britain's Harry Vardon and Ted Ray at the 1913 U.S. Open that jump-started the game's soon to be enormous popularity on these shores."

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1913 US Open

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