by Garden G. Smith for Golf Illustrated March 17,1911


St. Charles Country Club
Winnipeg Manitoba circa 1910

"A much more regrettable thing than the Bogey imbroglio is the annexation of Canada by the Western Gold Association of the United States. What makes the matter worse is that apparently the movement originated, not in the States, but in Canada itself.

The St. Charles Country Club, of  Winnipeg, requested the W. G. A. to admit it to membership, and at the annual meeting of the Association Canada was added to the territory of the Western Association, and the St. Charles Club was elected to membership. Following on this, the Lambton Golf and Country Club, of Toronto, has, at the instigation of Mr. Geo. S. Lyon, one of its most pushing members, also made application for membership of the W. G. A. and is no doubt by this time duly elected.

"We do not know what view the Canadian Golf Association will take of this unnatural and unpatriotic conduct on the part of two of the clubs included in its membership. The reason put forward, quite candidly, by those concerned, for joining the United States Association is to enable members of Canadian clubs to take part in the Western Association's Tournaments and Championships. It is stated to be a movement towards the brotherhood of the game,' but 'a movement towards the brotherhood of pot-hunters' would be a more accurate description."

To learn more about Canadian golf and it's "annexation", continue your search here.....

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