DQ'd from her professional golf debut!
October 18, 2005

Well as if the Michelle Wie "debate" didn't have enough fuel, she goes and gets herself  DQ'd from her professional golf debut, throwing away a $53,000 pay day at the same time. Her sponsors and endorsement partners must be loving this !  But the truth is I think that she made an honest mistake and that mistake is her first lesson under the atomic microscope of envy.

As sick as it seems their are plenty of people who would like to see her not only fail in her attempt to make golfing history, but to have her go down in flames publicly humiliated. Wack jobs ! But at least her 1st lesson is passed and she made the grade (A+) in the manner she handled it. Now if I were her (which I'm not) I would wait in the rough for my 1st Men's Tour Victory, and there is no doubt she will win on the PGA Tour, and when press conference time came I would be sure to treat SI in the same chicken s--- manner that the dickhead face treated her! I mean he saw the penalty, he could have brought it up Saturday ! I mean it's not like the guy was Harry Hacker, "Ah excuse me Miss Wie but you're a stinking cheater !", in fact he is highly credentialed and I'm sure could have had her ear for two minutes before her signing her card on Saturday just for a simple " Michelle, before you sign your card may I'd talk to you for a minute" And how about Miss Park, she gave a lot of thought to her acknowledging the  drop and unplayable lie didn't she. From 30 yards !! I'm sure her attitude was, hey its her problem let her deal with it. Which it is and she's learned that lesson. Oh by the way Miss Park, thanks for the demonstration of sportspersonship !

Michelle, great job


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