"We feel very strongly that Michelle should not be hung out to dry over this. Those who do not know golf very easily get the wrong end of the stick when they hear that a player has been disqualified. What Michelle did was not intentional and not a serious breach of the rules"

Garnt Moir, R & A assistant secretary of rules regarding Michelle Wie's DQ at the Samsung World Championship. (Golf World October 28,2005)

While we agree that Michelle Wie should not be hung out to dry, and we don't think that what she did was intentionally cheating at golf or life, we've got to ask what you do for a serious breach of the rules. My God ! She was disqualified from the golf tournament ! That's  a pretty serious penalty for what is  "..not a serious breach of the rules". 

I am not sure but I think the "business of golf" maybe influencing the way some people are looking a Michelle.  $$$$  

Let's not forget she is a 16 year old, with great courage, that wants to and will accomplish great things in golf. Stop trying so hard to spin the ball. The truth is it was a serious breach of the rules of golf, she was penalized in a serious manner by being disqualified from the golf tournament, she took it both seriously and graciously. She gave herself a crappy lie right off the tee sort of speak, she can play it. Let it be.

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