USGA Policy on Gambling

".... the amount of money involved is such that the primary purpose is the playing of the game for enjoyment."


Gary Player 

"I am prepared to bet half-a-million dollars of my own money that we'd win a match like that."
(Golf World October 28,2005)

And you thought playing a $5 Nassau with a few little golfing side bets was too much to play for. Do you think the USGA put on their happy face when they heard Gary's proclamation. After all who is to say what amount money wagered leads brings the greatest amount of enjoyment to the game. 

We once held a Ben Franklin Open at our club, winner take all. It was pretty interesting to say the least. Basically each player bet $100.00 dollars on them selves. As I recall only one player that morning was playing "the game for enjoyment".

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