President Taft and Vice-President Sherman 
make trophy presentations at the first Chevy Chase Invitational.

President's Taft's love of golf is well known and documented as his is relationship to his beloved Chevy Chase Club where he spent many afternoon during his time in Washington. What is not so widely know is that President Taft was the 1st President of the United States to be present a golf tournament trophy. 

In May 1911 the Chevy Chase Club to celebrate the opening of its "extended course" held an Invitation Tournament. Among the invited were many top golfers from the area including President Taft's friend and often golf partner Walter Travis. As fate would have Mr. Travis won the tournament and was presented the winner's trophy by the President. In another "twilight zone" twist of fate Vice-president Sherman was on hand to present the runner-up trophy. The runner-up it turned out was Thomas M. Sherman the Vice-president's son.

Pictured above is the runner-up golf trophy presented by Vice-President James Sherman also pictured.

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