Dr. Double, Golf Psychiatrist, a direct descendant of the first great golf psychiatrist Dr. McDouble. Player of the game, pushing head cases over the edge for more years than we can remember. Dr. Double's services cost only your golfing soul. A list of some of Dr Double patients and his cures for their golfing madness

Patient's Name Symptom Dr. Double's Treatment Result
Uncle Sparkie Leaving his golf club behind after throwing it in a fit of blown shot anger. Began to return his clubs to pro shop so that they were there to haunt him before he began his next round.  Cured, Uncle Sparkie took better aim and put more effort into his tosses. Water Hazards became a comfortable target along with thick tall trees with branches like a shortstops hands.
Mr. Perfection Left second shot 2" short on double eagle attempt on 525 yard par 5. Went ballistic alienating all playing partners. Prescribed large doses of alcohol and massive quantities of high powered sedatives. Cured, a new level of non-perfection achieved. All golf equipment donated to charity, refuses to even drive by local golfing links.
Mr.  Yips Unable to make a 2 foot putt. Advised Mr. Yips to aim for the fringe and try to chip it in, then maybe if he got close enough he could beg his opponent to give him the putt. Cured, Mr. Yips sold his house, moved south, gave up golf and took up fishing and to Dr Double's knowledge has not suffered from the yips since.
The Golf Snob A mid to high single digit handicapper, unable to bring himself to play with higher handicaps as they simply don't know how to play the game. Translation they don't appreciate his "greatness". Pair him up with a raw and beginning 36 handicap with no tournament experience in a major club tournament qualifying round. Still under treatment, has refused to play in any "blind draw" events so treatment has been suspended. Dr Double knows only one or two more treatments will end The Golf Snob's frustrations with a total meltdown.


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