The Golf Ball Retriever
The Golf Ball Hawks favorite tool


When you step onto the first tee for a match with a new opponent or partner it is really common practice to check out his or her equipment and in doing so learn quite a bit about your upcoming round of golf.

A well worn carry bag tells one story, while the sparkling new cart bag says another. 

If he or she is using a trolley is it push or pull. What kind of condition is it, does it roll smooth or does it have a worn wheel or bearing that is going to give off an annoying little squeal with each step the player takes. 

How about his ball of choice ? Is he pulling out a single premium ball or breaking out a new sleeve of  XXX outs. 

And the clubs, are they well worn players clubs or shiny new department store specials. 

All these things tell their own tale and when put together can fill you with expectations about you upcoming round. But nothing in the players bag tells you more than the presence of a rake style golf ball retriever and you have inventor Mildred G. Zimmers to thank for that. 

Mildred G. Zimmers  Chicago, Ill.
Golf ball retriever,   US Patent 2,738,214


From the patent application...

"Among the objects of the invention are to provide a convertible ball retriever which  selectively may be established as a rake-like is especially well adapted for retrieving golf balls from water, ravines, roughs etc and will be describe in that connection."

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