Christmas gift ideas for golfers


Vintage ad for a golfing jacket.

Oh my, not so sure about this golfing gift idea

Here's a good gift idea for the traveling golfer, perhaps a more up to date version.

Selecting and purchasing a Christmas gift or other gift for a golfer can be an unnerving experience  to the non-golfer. Having been a golfer now for many, many more years than I care to admit I've received a number of golf related gifts and have established a pretty good idea as to what gift and birthday ideas for golfers might just work out.

Golf Equipment

Unless your golfer is a beginner, or a beginning golfer working on becoming an intermediate, with the exceptions of only a putter or a driver, avoid the giving of golf clubs. You are going to get it wrong no matter how hard you try, so it's best to avoid giving golf clubs unless you know exactly what your golfer wants.  I've seen very nice, very expensive golf clubs go un-used, or used only a few times and it is very sad for the golfer and the golf gift giver as well.

Golf Balls

Golf balls are almost always great golf gifts if you stick with the major brands. Any golf shop will be glad to help you make the proper selection. A dozen or even a sleeve Titleist Brand Golf balls is always appreciated regardless of the brand of golf ball your golfer uses as they are almost always trade able if worst comes to worst. But I bet 99.99% of all Titleist golf balls received as gifts are happily used by the recipient. Then again if your golfer is a beginner, quite honestly quantity will out weigh quality so go for the 15 pack.

Golf shoes as gifts are not a good golf gift idea. Even though you may get the proper size, and you may even be tuned into your golfer's sense of style you will have a difficult time with the proper feel and fit. As hard as it may seem to believe the technology behind designing and manufacturing golf shoes is becoming so sophisticated that many golfers will try as many as a dozen or two pairs of golf shoes, all the same size, many the same brand before they make their final selection.

Golf bags can be good idea if your golfer is a beginner or intermediate.  All you really need to know is does your golfer walk or take a golf car. If he or she takes a golf car then it is almost guaranteed the bigger the golf bag the better. Most golfers just love the extra space and pockets for carrying all their golfing essentials from foul weather gear to sunscreen. From extra pencils to first aid supplies. However if your golfer walks then you need to know of he or she uses a golf trolley. (Oftentimes these are referred to as "pull carts" or "push carts" depending on the style.) If you find your golfer uses a trolley then going the big bag route will probably work out well. But if your golfer is a walker and carries his or her own golf bag while playing, don't touch this, you'll surely get it wrong

Golf gloves are OK if you know the proper size. But again like golf balls stay with the major brands. 

Golf tees are OK, it is suggested that you get the longer tees rather than the shorter tees as they can always be pushed down. Whereas the shorter goes your golfer may not use them except on the Par 3's, and it is highly unlikely he or she will carry special tees just for the short holes.

Golf Club Head Covers

Golf club head covers were developed initially to protect the wooden clubs in your bag from being damaged by your irons. Now with "woods" going the way 

Golf Accessories

Golf Ball Retriever, unless your golfing friend really stinks or really wants one for ball hawking purposes, donít get them a golf ball retriever. Nothing says "I suck" like a golf ball retriever.

Golf or "crying towels" are a good gift if the golfer uses a trolley or rides in a cart, but if they carry, thatís not such a good idea. These towels  tend to get in the way and as silly as it may seem standing in the golf shop looking things over they are just one more thing to carry and after 18 holes of golf on a hot July afternoon the less weight the better.

Golf trolleys or "pull carts" or "push carts" are a nice gift if you know the type or style that is wanted. Sun Mountain revolutionized the golf trolley a few years back with their push style "baby carriage"  three wheel golf trolley.

Devant Masters Towel - Arnold, Gary and Jack

Golf umbrellas are a great idea, because no golfer wants to spend the money on one, but they know they need them. Golf umbrellas also come in a number of colors and styles including logo golf umbrellas that carry the name of your golfers favorite golf equipment or even favorite sports team.


Golf knickknacks and gift wares 

There is nothing quite like a gold plated golf ball. All kidding aside it's a real favorite.

Other favorites are the Golf Pencil Display and Golf Ball Christmas Wreath

Golf Apparel

Golf hats are usually OK, golf jackets or wind breakers are fine, golf shirts are OK, however golf slacks or pants are not ok, unless you are very personal with the golfer. 

Another golf accessory or apparel item that is almost always OK, is rain gear. These sizes are usually determined as small, medium or large, extra large, so the size is usually easy, conservative colors of navy or black are best, and rain gear to the real golfer is definitely worthwhile.

 Rain gear that is Gortex lined, will surely be a favorite gift. Again, itís an item that people donít want to buy for themselves, but if theyíve ever played in a golf tournament in the rain or when they do play in the rain theyíll certainly appreciate it.

Golf Lessons

If you know about your golfers relationship with a golf pro, or if your golfer is a beginner, a gift certificate for golf lessons is a terrific gift. Be sure to ask the golf professional you are buying from about multi-lesson programs or clinics that they may run as these are both ways to stretch your golf lesson dollar and your golfers experience as well.

Prepaid Green Fees

Now you are talking, especially if you live near a number of good courses that your golfer may not ordinarily play. Often times golfers get in the habit of playing just one local course because of ($$) the cost of green fees and a gift certificate to the "best golf course in the area" is very much appreciated.

Golf Magazine Subscription

Easy, convenient and keeps on giving. Golfers everywhere are constantly looking for an edge. It is just the nature of the game, drive a little further, hit the irons a little crisper, read putts just a little better. Nothing makes a golfer feel like they have gained just that little bit like the arrival of their weekly or monthly golf magazine. In fact this golfers gift idea comes with out unconditional guarantee. If the golfer in your life does not absolutely love this gift we will get you a new golfer.

Golf Instructional DVD


Now that you are properly armed for your golfing gift search, 
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