The mass production of featherie golf balls


A group headed by Alan Robertson that included Tom Morris and Lang Willie produced 2,554 featherie golf balls form Robertson's workshop at St. Andrews in 1844 at a selling price of 1 pound Sterling/dozen. That translates today to approximately $128.00 US.  (And you thought today's multi-layered,  high performance, turbo charged  golf balls were expensive ! ) Can you see yourself going home and telling the little lady you dumped a half dozen of these $10 golf balls into the pond in front of number 18 because you just knew you could home from there, or better yet you lost them in the woods or in the high rough. 

Oh God, and we think we're plagued with slow play now, you'd need armed marshals to keep play moving and electrified fences to prevent  golfers from diving in the ponds after their mis-hit golf balls. Worse still sending their caddies in!


In search of premium golf balls a little more reasonably priced  ?



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