Conforming golf ball



Yep in The rules of golf published by the USGA appendix iii deals with the exact requirements of a conforming golf ball. These rules require.....

  • that a golf ball be less than a specific weight, we can't tell you what it is here because it is copyrighted information. 
  • a golf ball be greater than a specific diameter and that it maintain its roundness and size at a specific temperature and that it pass a specific test to prove it to be true but we can't tell you what these things are here because it is copyrighted information. 
  • the next three things in the appendix iii about the golf ball are so golf ball specific we don't dare to even try and give you a hint as to what they are because well its copyrighted information about the golf ball.

The USGA does have this conforming golf ball rule on line and it is in the official rules book which I know you carry in your golf bag. You do carry a copy of the Rules of Golf in your bag right ?



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