Golf rule 5-3, Ball unfit for play

The USGA has copyrighted the rules of golf, so we can't published Rule 5 -The Ball here. You'll have to go there site, or look in your rules book  (you do have a rules book in your golf bag  don't you ?) if you don't feel like reading it, you can take our word for it that Rule 5 section 3 deals with balls unfit for play and it deals very specifically with golf balls breaking into pieces as the result of a stroke. Now are they addressing the woodie or perhaps Goodyear's 1906 "Pneumatic". The Pneumatic "although it was fairly durable in so far as cutting the cover was concerned, it had other faults which were distressing. Many times it was knocked out of shape, and when this did not occur it exploded either in flight or in the caddie bags. Golfers had many interesting experiences with the Pneumatic."  Francis Ouimet, A Game of Golf

If you'd like to purchase golf ball that won't explode or break up into little pieces....

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