So you think you'd like to purchase real estate in that new golf community ? 


Here's a few questions that you may want to ask about residential golf course property before writing out that down payment check and signing that new 6 or 7 figure mortgage.

  Were the houses built and developed around the golf course or the golf course developed around the houses? An easy way to tell is, will your "power fade" from the third tee take out Mrs. Beesome's kitchen window? 

Or will your snap hook on the 7th tee land in Mr. Walsh’s pool ? 

If the answer is yes to either of these two questions, be assured that someday this beautiful golf course will become public gardens and green space walkways, with swing sets for Mrs. Smith’s grandchildren. 

But wait................................................

Maybe Mrs. Smith would consider a miniature golf course after all "it's really the same thing now isn't it ?"  (Ahhhhhhhhh !!!)  "Some think that putt-putt is even more challenging." "Oh dear I almost forgot to tell you you can have themed miniature golf courses as well, the children could even play while wearing their iPods, isn't that wonderful !"

 (oh please hit me with my 9-iron now!)

Another sweet little perk to watch for is people automatically getting equity in the golf course when they purchase their home. When it is automatic you can bet the barn that the lovely Widow Burns will have plenty to say about future golf course improvements ! The only reason she's there is Mr. Burns made her move there so he could play golf, and well now that he's departed what do we need that expensive golf course for anyway ?

A photo of a themed minature golf course.

The bottom line is if you want to buy and retire to a golf community be sure to take your time and ask the right questions. This golf property buyers guide may prove to be very helpful.

To learn more about buying property in a new golf community, continue your search here.....


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