Vintage Golf Travel Advertisements & Posters 


A vintage golf poster for the Algonquin Hotel in the Canadian Maritimes.

  A vintage golf poster for Pebble Beach.

The above vintage golf resort posters are among our all time favorites, and we would love to know the story behind them. So if you know it please pass it along. As we don't know we can only speculate that perhaps the poster itself was "a stock" poster and The Algonquin and Pebble Beach just happened to make the same selection. If that was the case that it seems really strange that of the hundreds and hundreds of vintage golf posters we've seen that these are the only two resorts to select this inviting picture. It also seems strange that the Canadian Pacific Company, with the many millions of dollars that they invested in their Trans Canada railway and coast to coast hotel chain, would use a "stock" picture to advertise their East Coast Grand Dame resort of the Maritimes. But who are we to say, but t is intriguing to think about though.


  A vitnage ad for the golf course along the Southern Railway.

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